Bob Dylan

Bobfest Rehearsals October 1992

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On October 16, 1992, an all-star cast of pop music luminaries descended upon New York's Madison Square Garden to pay tribute to Bob Dylan on the 30th anniversary of his recording debut. Dubbed "Bobfest" by participant Neil Young, the performance spanned generations and genres, with everyone from Johnny Cash to the Clancy Brothers to Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder on hand to celebrate the music of an American master. While the official release The 30th Anniversary Concert Celebration documents the evening's event, the two-disc bootleg edition Bobfest Rehearsals October 1992 captures the pre-show tune-up, and while the idea of listening to Roger McGuinn and George Harrison stumble their way through five successive attempts at "My Back Pages" may seem painful to some, to others it's an invaluable glimpse into the creative process. That said, much of the set is merely downtime, and when the music does fire up, it often sputters out within a chorus or two. Still, Young's blistering rendition of "Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues" is a highlight, as is Harrison's lithe "Absolutely Sweet Marie."