The Silicon Dawn

Dan Curtin

The Silicon Dawn



One of Detroit techno's second-wave classics was actually created by a producer from Ohio. Dan Curtin's debut album is a lush, spirited masterpiece which has hardly aged since it was first released 25 years ago. Last year this was reissued on vinyl, so don't sleep on it while it's still easy to find.

- Paul Simpson


Fujiya & Miyagi


September 9, 2008

Alternative Dance

Call the songs lackadaisical hypno-grooves, if you will, or use the band's label of "whisper-electro" to define the sound, but essentially it's calming, polite electro-pop that invokes '60s lounge, '70s Krautrock, and '80s synth pop while staying relevant to more modern sounds popularized by Hot Chip, Ladytron, and Air. Meanwhile, verses give props to Hans Christian Anderson, Lena Zavaroni, and Dietrich Knickerbocker. If that's not fun, what is?

- Jason Lymangrover