Zero 7

The Garden

June 6, 2006

Alternative/Indie Rock

Zero 7 all but left their downbeat roots behind with The Garden, as the synthesized aspects once so prominent now act more like the thread that sews the different squares of the quilt together and keeps them in place. The result is possibly the ultimate summer evening record: warm pop hooks, lush instrumentation, unobtrusive electronica elements, and '60s-style harmonies that all come together into superb, wonderfully descriptive songs.

- Marisa Brown

Big Pun

Yeeeah Baby

April 11, 2000

East Coast Rap

Arriving just two months after his death, Big Pun's second album Yeeeah Baby displays an artist evolving beyond his previous work with remarkable ease. On the highlights "Watch Those," "Off Wit His Head," and "New York Giants," Pun proves that he should be considered in the top-ten list for late-'90s MCs -- among considerable competition. He also salutes his Latin heritage all over the album, switching from street slang to Latin lingo without batting an eye, and working a flute charanga sample on "100%."

- John Bush