The Byrds

Younger Than Yesterday

February 6, 1967


Released in 1967, The Byrds' fourth album found them augmenting their signature folk rock jangle with more jazz-inflected and psychedelic styles. David Crosby was particularly adventurous with his songs on the album, getting into a sweetly hushed place with "Everybody's Been Burned" and a more indulgent headspace with "Mind Gardens."

- Fred Thomas

Midwest Product


July 23, 2002

Alternative/Indie Rock

Taking the cold synth feel from New Order and incorporating live drum tracks (reminiscent of their geographic neighbors Tortoise), Midwest Product's debut bloops and grooves with a unique hybrid of electronic and organic sounds. Alternating between glitchy and funky, the presence is unobtrusive and atmospheric enough to be background music but complex and textured enough to reward listeners on headphones.

- Zac Johnson