Rachel Grimes

The Way Forth

November 1, 2019

Classical Crossover

A folk opera whose subject is the history of Kentucky delivered as an experiential, non-linear journey in the voices of Kentucky's women from the 18th to 20th centuries who were left out of "official" histories penned by white men. Grimes brings them forth with lush orchestration, sung and spoken narration, and arresting imagery.

- James Manheim

Fields of the Nephilim



Alternative Pop/Rock

Whatever Andy Jackson's particular qualifications were as a producer at the time, he knew not to ruin a good thing (i.e. the band’s core sound). The end result was the the Nephilim’s best all-around album. It consists of four lengthy, nearly suite-like pieces that showcase their near-peerless abilities to create involved, textured, driving, loud and truly theatrical rock tunes. It was still goth as all hell, but like the best bands in any genre, the Nephilim transcended these artificial limitations to create their own sound.

- Ned Raggett