Middle Cyclone

Neko Case

Middle Cyclone

March 3, 2009

Alternative Country-Rock

Neko Case has made consistently dark and tuneful albums throughout her career and Middle Cyclone is a terrific showcase of her arresting lyricism and lush instrumentation. Highlights include the bittersweet "Magpie to the Morning" and a pleading and stomping cover of Harry Nilsson's "Don't Forget Me."

- Zac Johnson

Frozen in Time


Frozen in Time

July 19, 2005

Death Metal

Obituary's reunion album wasn't only a surprise because of the long absence, but also because it's so darn good, up there with the best the band ever recorded, even in their heyday. Clocking in at a brisk ten songs in 35 minutes, it's a perfect Obituary album. Nearly 15 years later, "Redneck Stomp" still often serves as the band's live show-opener.

- Jason Birchmeier