Kylie Minogue

Impossible Princess


Adult Contemporary

The critical re-evaluation of this catalog anomaly is in full swing, with folks finally coming around to this hidden gem for "true fans." Quintessentially late '90s with its trip-hop flourish, electronic texture, and decidedly un-dance-pop bend, it's the sound of Kylie at her most experimental and interesting. Influenced by contemporary sounds of Garbage, Bjork, and Tricky, it's a nostalgic time warp to a bygone era of alternative when everyone tried to sound this cool.

- Neil Z. Yeung

Original Soundtrack

Heaven's Prisoners

October 10, 1995

Early R&B

One of very few memorable things about the 1996 bayou thriller Heaven's Prisoners was its gritty blues and R&B soundtrack, balancing some of the legends of the blues (Junior Wells, B.B. King, John Lee Hooker) with some genuine houserockin' swamp blues from more contemporary bluesmen (C.C. Adcock, the Hoax, Kenny Neal).

- Zac Johnson