Amigo the Devil

Amigo the Devil

With its twangy banjo lead and haunting guitar accompaniment Volume 1 manages to convey the feeling of a ghost story. Ultimately, it is a collection of love songs, but not in any sort of romantic way. This is an album that theatrically draws attention to the parts of the human psyche that take on a lethal edge when we let ourselves be consumed by our notions of love.

- Mivick Smith


October Language


Alternative/Indie Rock

The debut album from New Orleans duo Belong was a murky and beautiful blur of dense ambient textures, deeply buried electronic glitches, and walls of shoegaze-informed guitar drones. Conveying feelings of decay, reflection, and solitude, the album sounds like all the miniature interludes from Loveless stretched into song-length experiments and contorted until they tell new stories.

- Fred Thomas