The Rubaiyat of Dorothy Ashby

Dorothy Ashby

The Rubaiyat of Dorothy Ashby



Issued on Cadet in 1970, this is no ordinary jazz vocal album. It is exotic, mysterious, laid-back, and full of gentle grooves and soul. Time and space are suspended and new dimensions open up for anyone willing to take this killer little set on and let it spill its magic into the mind canal through the ears.

- Thom Jurek


The Mattoid



Alternative/Indie Rock

The debut LP from Nashville-by-way-of-Finland's Ville Kiviniemi (aka the Mattoid), Hello evokes an unholy union of the Velvet Underground, Laibach, Andrew W.K., and Elvis Presley. Utilizing his own signature guitar style called "Sango" -- apparently so subtle and complex that it's inaudible to the human ear -- the Mattoid makes even the smallest rock sound like a mountain.

- James Monger