October 19, 2018

Alternative Metal

Steeped in the lurching, groove-laden thrash attack of the band's late-'90s/early-2000s heyday, Ritual evokes the savagery of Max Cavalera's tenure with Sepultura, eschewing some of the more overt world music predilections that have come to define Soulfly over the years with something leaner and more pugilistic.

- James Monger


Brighten the Corners

February 11, 1997

Alternative Pop/Rock

Fourth album from the original slacker pop band was a relative refinement from the ragged guitar pop that made up their earliest work. While on the whole the songs were a little slower and less snarky than the band's most celebrated work, they're no less energetic or melodic. Instead of hitting listeners over the head with hooks, these were among the most patient and understated tunes of Pavement's catalog.

- Fred Thomas