Rashied Ali

Duo Exchange


Avant-Garde Jazz

Raw, powerful, and unrelenting while remaining somehow minimal, Duo Exchange is one of the fiercest chapters of early '70s free jazz. The overdriven recording quality emphasizes the volcanic playing of both Ali and Lowe, and the interplay between drums and sax spins euphorically out of control for the entire duration of the album. An essential of free music that set the tone for punk, hardcore, noise, and other outsider avenues of expression that followed.

- Fred Thomas

Franz Ferdinand

Franz Ferdinand

March 9, 2004

Alternative/Indie Rock

This album balances ridiculous lyrics with fun musical accompaniments and some more serious songs that move away from the rambunctious energy that dominates the first half. This album reflects the weird wild energy of the early 2000s and remains an emotionally fulfilling dance-worthy album today.

- Mivick Smith