Lucy Pearl

Lucy Pearl

May 23, 2000

Contemporary R&B

Dawn Robinson from En Vogue. Raphael Saadiq. Tribe Called Quest's Ali Shaheed Muhammad. Now that's a supergroup! It's too bad they only made this one album, but they sure made the most of their moment. "Dance Tonight" is the all time new jack/jill classic, the rest of the record is laid back, funky neo-soul that's somehow classic and ageless.

- Tim Sendra

Nurse with Wound

Soliloquy for Lilith



Easily one of Steven Stapleton's masterpieces, Soliloquy for Lilith has nothing to do with industrial noise or exotica cut-ups. Instead, it's a collection of side-long drones which sound like slowly spiraling down a metallic abyss. Truly strange and beautiful music that you inhabit rather than listen to.

- Paul Simpson