Ooh La La


Album Rock

Released 50 years ago in March, 1973, Faces' final album continued their slapdash and effortless barroom rock, despite the fact that Rod Stewart was evolving into the massive solo star he would eventually become. The album kicks off with Rod's brash "Silicone Grown" but reaches a tidy conclusion with Ronnie Lane's title track, lamenting about lost opportunities and fleeting youth. Poor old granddad indeed.

- Zac Johnson

Opus III

Mind Fruit

August 18, 1992

Ambient Techno

Opus III's first and best album was a lush, psychedelic set of ambient techno which combined surging beats with dream pop vocals. "It's a Fine Day" remains one of the true classics of the rave era, and was famously sampled by Orbital on one of their most iconic tracks. The album's other single, a dance cover of King Crimson's "I Talk to the Wind," works much better than one might expect. Opus III only lasted for one further album, but Kirty Hawkshaw remains an in-demand guest vocalist three decades later.

- Paul Simpson