Linda Thompson

Versatile Heart

August 14, 2007

British Folk

Compared to her former husband and musical partner Richard Thompson, Linda Thompson rarely records and tours even less often, but when she does put out a record, it's invariably something worth hearing. 2007's Versatile Heart was a minor masterpiece that fused several strains of pop and folk into a gentle but spirited album lifted by her superb vocals and an outstanding set of songs, six of which came from her own pen.

- Mark Deming

Rachel Grimes

The Way Forth

November 1, 2019

Classical Crossover

A folk opera whose subject is the history of Kentucky delivered as an experiential, non-linear journey in the voices of Kentucky's women from the 18th to 20th centuries who were left out of "official" histories penned by white men. Grimes brings them forth with lush orchestration, sung and spoken narration, and arresting imagery.

- James Manheim