Neko Case

Middle Cyclone

March 3, 2009

Alternative Country-Rock

Even an average Neko Case album is still of a higher caliber than almost every other album by her contemporaries. Lush, menacing and enveloping, "Magpie to the Morning" is an incredible 3 minutes of music, plus she covers a Harry Nilsson tune which hits right in the heartstrings.

- Zac Johnson

John Abercrombie

While We're Young

June, 1992


Echoing tones from the well-known Timeless recording, Abercrombie is back in the organ-drums-guitar saddle. This time around, though, the sound is much more underground/labyrinth-like. His guitar molds and shapes these compositions, sometimes steely or snarly, at others passive and meditative. Dan Wall's intense organ stirs the drink, his orchestral, expansive approach evoking definite memories of Larry Young, while drummer Adam Nussabaum proves his extraordinary listening capacity while playing off his colleagues. The result is a stunning fusion of electrified in-your-head jazz, rooted on terra firma, gazing to the stars, and it won't let go.

- Michael G. Nastos