Marc Maron

This Has to Be Funny

August 9, 2011

Standup Comedy

After a sound check (“Test, test, one, two...I disappointed my parents...two, two...testing...bad career choice...”), Maron knocks them cerebral on this, his Comedy Central label debut. Disguising his Spalding Gray-like monologue as a standup set -- and marking a lasting shift in his approach -- he deals with his fear of success and the thrill that comes with it, before touching upon all sorts of other neuroses.

- David Jeffries


Lunatic Harness

June 30, 1997


Lunatic Harness marked Mike Paradinas' full embrace of the unrestrained rhythmic possibilities of jungle, and he managed to craft impossibly complex beat patterns matched only by the sheer emotion of the often heartbreaking melodies. Approaching its 25th anniversary, the album remains as jaw-dropping and life-changing as ever.

- Paul Simpson