Tyler Childers


August 4, 2017


With deep, insightful lyrics layered with intricate guitar plucking, sawing fiddle, and skipping banjo, Tyler Childers' Purgatory is everything one looks for in moving, authentic country music. The album cover is a picture of Lawrence County, Kentucky where the artist grew up, and the album discusses his experience with growing up in that area. A highlight of the album is "Lady May", which should (in my opinion) be hailed as one of the best love songs of the century.

- Aurora Sousanis


Perfect Symmetry

October 13, 2008

Alternative Pop/Rock

Maybe Keane was ahead of the curve on 2007's leftfield synth-pop switcheroo. Jumping from earnest, wide-eyed Coldplay/U2 worship to something akin to the Killers fronting a Bowie cover band, this effort is bright, often fun, and about ten years too early for its fans and the indie-rock sphere. While they dialed it way back for their proper full-length follow-up, this stands as their boldest, most fully-realized pure pop statement to date.

- Neil Z. Yeung