The Forgotten Arm

Aimee Mann

The Forgotten Arm

May 3, 2005

Adult Alternative Pop/Rock

A concept album about boxing, failed relationships, and drug addiction sounds like something most people wouldn't listen to without being forced, but in Aimee Mann's hands, it became the basis of one of her best albums. 2005's The Forgotten Arm is a story full of flawed but memorable characters and canny insights on the struggle to be honest, and with its rich arrangements and coolly eloquent vocals, Mann's performance is as good as her writing.

- Mark Deming

Trompe le Monde


Trompe le Monde

October 8, 1991

Alternative Pop/Rock

The final chapter of the Pixies' initial late '80s/early '90s run was more or less a Frank Black solo album in the guise of a new set of songs from the rapidly dissolving band. In a class outside of the airy atmospheres of Bossa Nova or the tight edgy pop of Doolittle, Trompe Le Monde was more melodic, more streamlined and more lonely, setting the tone for Black's solo output for the next several years.

- Fred Thomas