The Lightning Seeds


December 20, 1994

Adult Alternative Pop/Rock

For the project's third album, Ian Broudie wrote his strongest batch of songs yet and managed to return to the Top 20 of the U.K. album chart. Songs like "Lucky You," "Perfect," and "Change" (which received some recognition in the States due to its inclusion in the movie Clueless), were all modern pop gems that arrived at the height of Brit-pop.

- Jason Damas

Tossing Seeds (Singles 89-91)


Tossing Seeds (Singles 89-91)


Alternative Pop/Rock

When they first burst onto the indie scene at the tail end of the '80s, Superchunk sounded like the greatest practitioners of chainsaw pop since the Buzzcocks invented the stuff. This collection of their early singles sides still delivers a sharp, glorious kick with smart lyrics, abundant energy, some epochal originals (especially the classics ""Seed Toss"" and ""Slack Motherfucker"") and some inspired covers (Sebadoh AND the Shangri-La's!). Essential and good noisy fun.

- Mark Deming