Goodbye Jumbo

World Party

Goodbye Jumbo

April, 1990

Alternative Pop/Rock

After a relatively short stint with the Waterboys, songwriter Karl Wallinger's solo outlet found it's most multi-color and Beatlesesque moods on 1990 sophomore album Goodbye Jumbo. In addition to bittersweet maximal '60s pop on wistful singles like "Way Down Now" and "Put The Message In The Box," the album also touched on woozy saloon waltzes and and orchestral pop miniatures.

- Fred Thomas

True Love Stories

Jilted John

True Love Stories

November, 1978

New Wave

One of new wave's great lost albums, True Love Stories shows there's much more to Jilted John's music than his cult classic eponymous single. While "Jilted John" is a singular slice of sneering, self-deprecating genius, the rest of the album is still startlingly original in how it recycles pre-Beatles pop conventions with a punky defiance and a distinctly bent British humor.

- Stephen Thomas Erlewine