October Country

October Country


This 1968 album embodies that honest fun typical of our modern idealizations of the era. laced with just a hint of rebellion in some of the occult-like lyrical choices and anti-war sentiment to keep it relevant. The brightness of the horns, and prominent electric bass result in October Country’s album. October Country is ideal for some warm afternoon walks as we approach the month responsible for the album and band’s name.

- Mivick Smith

Loraine James

For You and I

September 20, 2019


Loraine James' Hyperdub debut introduced the inventive artist's unclassifiable sound to a wider audience, spanning abrasive jungle and grime as well as ethereal R&B and IDM. The release is an homage to her London upbringing, as well as an exploration of her own identity, specifically as a queer Black woman residing in the city.

- Paul Simpson