Paul Motian / Paul Motian Trio

Le Voyage

March, 1979


Paul Motian's second late-'70s trio excursion with Charles Brackeen on saxophones substitutes Jean-François Jenny Clark for David Izenson on bass with no drop-off in quality, but definitely one in mood. Tadayuka Naitoh's cover photo -- three blurry figures in black against an amorphous color backdrop (could be bundled-up women waiting at a crossroads) -- is a pretty good visual representation of the introspective, abstract flavor of Le Voyage.

- Don Snowden

Bad Moves


July 3, 2020

Alternative/Indie Rock

Bad Moves play hooky pogo punk that's revved up enough for the kids but smart and literate enough for grown ups, like a more pop-friendly but similarly thoughtful cousin of Superchunk. 2020's Untenable is packed with great tunes, abundant energy, and clever things to say about relationships, working, and contemporary culture, and "Party With The Kids Who Want To Party With You" isn't bad advice.

- Mark Deming