September 28, 2004

Alternative/Indie Rock

Celebrating its fifteenth birthday in 2019, this sophomore LP from the too-cool-for-school New Yorkers aimed to be bigger than their landmark debut, but will always be relegated to the second-place sibling position, no matter how tall it stands on its own. Both thrilling and heartbreaking, Antics amplified everything on TOTBL to blockbuster rockstar proportions, resulting in catalog standouts like "Take You On A Cruise" and "Narc."

- Neil Z. Yeung

Don't Say No

Billy Squier

Don't Say No


Arena Rock

After turning some heads with his debut, Billy Squier truly arrived with 1981's Don't Say No, which kicks off in spectacular fashion with the triple opening salvo of "In the Dark," "The Stroke," and "My Kinda Lover" -- all of which become staples at rock radio.

- Greg Prato