Cold Wind

Open Road

Cold Wind

October 8, 2002


Despite the fact that this is technically 21st century music, the authenticity of Bradford Lee Folk's high lonesome voice feels like it is being broadcast from 100 years earlier. Their interpretations of songs by Hank Williams, Mac Martin and Doug & Rusty Kershaw sit comfortably alongside the band's originals, alternating between mournful ballads and fiddle-driven stompers.

- Zac Johnson

Chavez Ravine

Ry Cooder

Chavez Ravine

June 7, 2005


The first solo album by the guitarist in 18 years is a fantastic concept album full of 15 that celebrates the disappeared Mexican-American Los Angeles neighborhood bulldozed in backroom deal and resulted in Dodgers Stadium. He portrays the flavor, times, culture, chaos, and corruption of post-war LA, and its many characters and myths, that slip in and out of a steamy, dreamy, mix of corridos, Latin swing, guarachas, polkas, jump boogie, and R&B tunes.

- Thom Jurek