Loraine James

For You and I

September 20, 2019


Loraine James' Hyperdub debut introduced the inventive artist's unclassifiable sound to a wider audience, spanning abrasive jungle and grime as well as ethereal R&B and IDM. The release is an homage to her London upbringing, as well as an exploration of her own identity, specifically as a queer Black woman residing in the city.

- Paul Simpson

Earth, Wind & Fire

That's the Way of the World

March 15, 1975


Earth, Wind & Fire has delivered more than its share of excellent albums, but if a person could own only one EWF release, the logical choice would be That's the Way of the World, which was the band's best album as well as its best-selling. Open Our Eyes had been a major hit and sold over half a million units, but it was World that established EWF as major-league, multi-platinum superstars.

- Alex Henderson