Pavo Pavo

Young Narrator in the Breakers

November 11, 2016

Art Rock

Led by dual lead vocalists Oliver Hill and Eliza Bagg, this short-lived group released two albums of richly harmonic, cinematic art rock before going their separate ways, with Hill focusing on his psych-rock band Dustrider and Bagg offering up the solo project Lisel. This 2016 debut combined high drama, whimsy, and sadness in a way that's indebted to Sgt. Pepper but just as likely to recall film directors like Michel Gondry or David Lynch.

- Marcy Donelson

Terence Trent D'Arby

Neither Fish nor Flesh

October, 1989

Contemporary Pop/Rock

D'Arby let his ample talents run amok on his ambitious, sprawling, and sometimes baffling second album. Although flawed and challenging, it succeeds more often than not, reminding listeners what a curious musical powerhouse he is.

- Timothy Monger