Bobby "Blue" Bland

Two Steps from the Blues


Early R&B

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Without a doubt the definitive Bobby "Blue" Bland album. In fact, it's one of the key albums in modern blues, marking a turning point when juke joint blues were seamlessly blended with gospel and Southern soul, creating a distinctly Southern sound where all of these styles blended so thoroughly it was impossible to tell where one began and one ended.

- Tom Erlewine

Ghédalia Tazartès

Une Éclipse Totale de Soleil



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Arguably the French avant-garde icon's best work, Une Éclipse Totale de Soleil is a typically unsettling yet fascinating collage of quasi-industrial rhythms, children's voices, and Tazartès' own multi-layered howls, whispers, and warbles, mainly delivered in a self-invented language. The CD reissue also includes a later piece called "Il Regale Della Befana," a truly unhinged, theatrical performance which memorably incorporates mangled Sex Pistols samples.

- Paul Simpson