Trompe le Monde


Trompe le Monde

October 8, 1991

Alternative Pop/Rock

The final chapter of the Pixies' initial late '80s/early '90s run was more or less a Frank Black solo album in the guise of a new set of songs from the rapidly dissolving band. In a class outside of the airy atmospheres of Bossa Nova or the tight edgy pop of Doolittle, Trompe Le Monde was more melodic, more streamlined and more lonely, setting the tone for Black's solo output for the next several years.

- Fred Thomas

88 Elmira St.

Danny Gatton

88 Elmira St.


Contemporary Country

After years spent knocking around Washington, D.C. circuit, this local guitar legend got the chance to cut his first album for a major label and made the most of it. His spot-welding blinding speed and immaculate chops and deep emotions move in a million different directions (jazz, country, rockabilly, blues, etc.), creating a singular musical sensibility that makes for an instrumental album that’s far more than just fretboard pyrotechnics.

- Cub Koda