Stone Cold Rhymin'

Young MC

Stone Cold Rhymin'



Even though "Bust a Move" was such a massive hit, Stone Cold Rhymin' on a whole feels like an under appreciated gem of its era. The record boasts stellar production and shares many characteristics with the Beastie Boys' seminal Paul's Boutique, which also came out in 1989 and featured production by the Dust Brothers.

- Ryan Cady




May 13, 2016

Heavy Metal

The third studio long-player from the Norwegian black metal scene's most accessible and unapologetically fun-loving purveyors of sonic brawn, Nattesferd finds Kvelertak flexing their greasepaint-lined NWOBHM muscles via a savage nine-track set of Valhallic party anthems. The album's most compelling moments go straight for the jugular, with taut, riff-tastic beasts of might and melody

- James Monger