Medicine Show

The Dream Syndicate

Medicine Show


Alternative/Indie Rock

A notorious critical and commercial disappointment upon its release in 1984, the Dream Syndicate's second album, Medicine Show, has stood the test of time better than many would have expected. A radical creative detour from their instant classic The Days of Wine and Roses, these songs found Steve Wynn maturing as a songwriter and creating a dark, brooding ambiance that would blaze a trail for his future work.

- Mark Deming

Mr. Hollywood, Jr. 1947

Michael Penn

Mr. Hollywood, Jr. 1947

August 2, 2005

Adult Alternative Pop/Rock

A loosely constructed song cycle concerning post-World War II Los Angeles, Mr. Hollywood, Jr. 1947 sees Michael Penn forgo the traditional narrative and stick to what he does best; writing biting and beautiful songs about relationships that are failing, have failed, or are suspiciously working. He lets the year's historical events wrap his characters in the kind of sepia-tone strokes of nostalgic Hollywood gossamer that would make both Frank Capra and Tom Waits proud.

- James Monger