Chavez Ravine

Ry Cooder

Chavez Ravine

June 7, 2005


The first solo album by the guitarist in 18 years is a fantastic concept album full of 15 that celebrates the disappeared Mexican-American Los Angeles neighborhood bulldozed in backroom deal and resulted in Dodgers Stadium. He portrays the flavor, times, culture, chaos, and corruption of post-war LA, and its many characters and myths, that slip in and out of a steamy, dreamy, mix of corridos, Latin swing, guarachas, polkas, jump boogie, and R&B tunes.

- Thom Jurek

Goodbye Jumbo

World Party

Goodbye Jumbo

April, 1990

Alternative Pop/Rock

After a relatively short stint with the Waterboys, songwriter Karl Wallinger's solo outlet found it's most multi-color and Beatlesesque moods on 1990 sophomore album Goodbye Jumbo. In addition to bittersweet maximal '60s pop on wistful singles like "Way Down Now" and "Put The Message In The Box," the album also touched on woozy saloon waltzes and and orchestral pop miniatures.

- Fred Thomas