August 4, 2017

Adult Alternative Pop/Rock

Serving as a b-side bookend to the band's Head Full Of Dreams era, this EP surprises by reminding listeners of a younger, less poppy Coldplay (the distracting inclusion of the Chainsmokers' song aside). The Big Sean collaboration is upbeat, sure, but typically inspirational. Fans of X&Y and Ghost Stories should enjoy the remaining trio of songs that get dark, weird, and experimental, especially the Brian Eno reunion, "ALIENS."

- Neil Z. Yeung

Crazy Rhythms

The Feelies

Crazy Rhythms

April, 1980

Alternative Pop/Rock

A master class in the use of rhythm, dynamics, and energy, the Feelies' superlative debut album, 1980's Crazy Rhythms, is the thrilling sound of a bunch of hyper-caffeinated nerds who have surrendered to rock & roll abandon without ever losing control of their music. Gloriously intense and strikingly precise, this is the point where Philip Glass and garage rock meet, and the lean, wiry rush of this music still packs a wallop.

- Mark Deming