The High Dials

War of the Wakening Phantoms

July 26, 2005

Alternative/Indie Rock

On their second album, the Montreal group cast off the '60s straightjacket that gave their first album the feel of a museum piece or a school assignment. Instead they open up their sound to include more "modern" reference points like the Stone Roses, the '90s shoegaze sound, and jangling new wave. The extra layer of influences free the band from the clutches of the past, and they magically end up sounding like no one but themselves.

- Tim Sendra

Pharoah Sanders



Modal Music

The saxophonist’s third album is among his finest. Featuring only two tracks, the 32- minute "The Creator Has a Master Plan,” is iconic, and played by one of Sanders' finest studio bands. Besides the bandleader it is, vocalist Leon Thomas who truly astonishes. The remaining personnel perform with inspired abandon. They include drummer Billy Hart, flutist James Spaulding, pianist Lonnie Liston Smith, and bassists Richard Davis and Reggie Workman.

- Thom Jurek