Is the Is Are


Is the Is Are

February 5, 2016

Indie Rock

On Is the Is Are, it's easy to hear DIIV's growth since the Oshin days. The band finds salvation through ambition, using grunge's cathartic power and shoegaze's impressionistic, transporting qualities to turn pain into beauty.

- Heather Phares

One-Armed Candy Bear

Au Pair

One-Armed Candy Bear

November 27, 2015

Alternative/Indie Rock

A collaboration between the Jayhawks' Gary Louris and the Old Ceremony's Django Haskins, this under-the-radar project debut is loaded with catchy tunes and bittersweet jangle in the tradition of Lennon-McCartney. An even better indicator of interest: The pair met when they were both playing a Big Star Third tribute concert. Power pop aficionados shouldn't miss opening track "In Every Window."

- Marcy Donelson