New Reviews for May 24, 2024

Capitol / Polydor
The Modfather is in a mellow, reflective mood on this supple, playful album.
- Stephen Thomas Erlewine
Baby J
Drag City
Now available on physical formats, the Emmy-winning comedian takes a darker, long-form turn with a special chronicling addiction and rehab.
- Marcy Donelson
Walking After Dark
Trouble in Mind
The double album from this psychedelic collective splits its time evenly between sleepless, observational, lyrical songs and free-floating jams.
- Fred Thomas
Sushi! Roti! Reibekuchen!
A casual, exploratory jam edited down from a three-hour one-off performance at a 1998 art installation in Germany.
- Paul Simpson
We Have Dozens of Titles
Drag City
Archival collection that unearths rare tracks and live recordings from this innovative experimental duo's 1993-1998 run.
- Fred Thomas
Dulcitone 1804
The Leaf Label
An enchanting set of delicate, spacious, and haunting pieces created using a rare Victorian keyboard instrument.
- Paul Simpson
Ninja Tune
Travis Stewart and his guest collaborators reflect on their past selves through a refined mixture of drum'n'bass, hip-hop, and futuristic pop.
- Paul Simpson
Rita Strohl: Musique vocale, Vol. 1 - Une compositrice de la démesure
La Boîte à Pépites
An impressive collection of vocal music by a forgotten female composer.
- James Manheim
Diamond Dogs
AllMusic Staff Pick - May 24, 2024
May 24, 1974
Bowie disbanded his Spiders from Mars just before recording Diamond Dogs, released 50 years ago today. Despite the opportunity for reinvention, Bowie couldn't quite leave his spaceman persona behind, resulting in a push pull of his older sound and the tightly controlled albums that would follow. Personas and personnel aside, the album expands Bowie's continued inventiveness on the songs "Candidate," "Sweet Thing," and the instant classic "Rebel Rebel."
- Zac Johnson