Rothko Chapel: Morton Feldman, Erik Satie, John Cage

Houston Chamber Choir / Kim Kashkashian / Sarah Rothenberg / Steven Schick / Robert Simpson

Rothko Chapel: Morton Feldman, Erik Satie, John Cage

October 23, 2015

Chamber Music

The program locates the intellectual origins of the American avant-garde composers Morton Feldman and John Cage in the music of Erik Satie. At the beginning is Feldman's 1967 masterpiece Rothko Chapel. The album reflects local roots for the Houston Chamber Choir (the Rothko Chapel resided there), a solid regional ensemble hitherto hardly suspected capable of the heights they achieve here.

- James Mannheim




October 17, 2011

Progressive Electronic

The first solo album from Jamie Teasdale (formerly of dubstep duo Vex'd) pulled together strands of Vangelis film scores, footwork, trap, and Balearic pop, resulting in something magical and futuristic. Nearly a decade on, nobody else has really nailed this balance of cinematic suspense and dancing-on-air rhythmic precision, and the album is regarded as an ahead-of-its-time cult classic in some circles.

- Paul Simpson