Featured Style: Death Metal

Death Metal grew out of the thrash metal in the late '80s. Taking the gritty lyrics and morbid obsessions of thrash to extremes, death metal was -- as its name suggests -- solely about death, pain, and suffering. These relentlessly bleak lyrics were set to loud, heavy riffs that owed as much to the lumbering metal of Black Sabbath as it did to Metallica. Death metal bands also owed a debt to the complex song structures of '70s art rockers, though most of these winding, intricate compositional…

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Featured Mood: Sleazy

AllMusic's moods are adjectives that describe the sound and feel of a song, album, or overall body of work. Whether for its raunchy subject matter or just the sound of the songs themselves, sleazy music sets the tone for a night of questionable decisions and proudly loose morals.

Featured Theme: Relaxation

AllMusic's themes refer to activities or events particularly suited for a song, album or overall body of work. In troubled times, turn off the TV and log out of Twitter and unwind with this relaxing, restoring music.