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Genre: Rap • Style: Bass Music
Springing from the fertile dance scenes in Miami (freestyle) and Detroit (electro) during the mid-'80s, Bass Music brought the funky-breaks aesthetic of the '70s into the digital age with drum-machine frequencies capable of pulverizing the vast majority of unsuspecting car or club speakers. Early Miami pioneers like 2 Live Crew and DJ Magic Mike pushed the style into its distinctive booty obsession, and Detroit figures like DJ Assault, DJ Godfather, and DJ Bone melded it with techno to create an increasingly fast-paced music. Bass music even flirted with the charts during the early '90s, as 95 South's "Whoot (There It Is)" and 69 Boyz' "Tootsee Roll" both hit the charts and went multi-platinum.

Featured Mood: Quirky

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Featured Theme: Long Walk

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