New Reviews for May 17, 2024

To All TrainsEditor's choice
Touch & Go
Chicago's math rock titans dish out ten bangers in 28 minutes in a fitting yet unexpected finale to their career.
- Mark Deming
AtavistaEditor's choice
RCA / Wolf & Rothstein
R&B, Rap
This revamped version of 3.15.2020 sports a new mix, a shuffled track list, and all the daring and unpredictable brilliance of the original.
- Tim Sendra
Lives OutgrownEditor's choice
The singer/songwriter returns from a long hiatus with gorgeously weathered songs that explore aging with resolute honesty.
- Heather Phares
Neon Pill
Frontman Matt Shultz exorcises personal demons as his band plays an alluring alt-rock pastiche.
- Stephen Thomas Erlewine
Lady on the Cusp
Set against a move from Georgia to Vermont, the project's shape-shifting 19th studio outing tends to favor its sexier, sassier, funkier proclivities.
- Marcy Donelson
GloriousEditor's choice
Hail Mary Productions / Virgin
A bright, lively, and fresh spin on classic rock from the actress turned singer.
- Stephen Thomas Erlewine
Moon & StarsEditor's choice
Mono Mundo Recordings
Flashes of their retro-pop past and Latin-infused present mix on a great album from these roots country veterans.
- Mark Deming
Permanent Pleasure
Cultco Music / Hollywood
Boosted by orchestral backing, the Rochester indie crew scale back on concept and get creative on yet another addictive set.
- Neil Z. Yeung
The Beat
AllMusic Staff Pick - May 21, 2024
If the Knack had had better songs and a frontman who wasn't a jerk, they might have been as good as the Beat, the band Paul Collins put together after power-pop pioneers the Nerves split up. Their 1979 debut album is thirty-five minutes of power-pop bliss, with irresistible hooks, no-nonsense lyrics, abundant energy, taut guitar work, and a tight, tireless rhythm section, and it's anyone's guess why "Rock N Roll Girl" and "Don't Wait Up For Me Tonight" weren't hit singles.
- Mark Deming