January 5, 2010


With unapologetically brash lyrics and a profusion of autotune, samples, and synths, Kesha's debut album is a bombastic firework that throws social expectations and propriety out the window. It is a liberating album that encourages listeners to let loose and unleash their inner animals, reminding us all that we don't always need to take life so seriously.

- Lucy Mao

Frog Eyes

Violet Psalms

May 18, 2018

Alternative/Indie Rock

Frog Eyes' seventh long-player is more measured, but no less distinctive (and destructive) than previous outings, delivering all of the architectural twists and turns, fragmented rhythms, and surreal narratives that have come to define the group over the years. Frontman Carey Mercer delivers caustic slabs of kinetic post-punk and wily art rock with the nervy fervor of a lead-poisoned carnival barker with a poetry Ph.D.

- James Monger