Strong Bad

Strong Bad Sings and Other Type Hits



Recently (and miraculously) reissued on vinyl, this 2003 album of songs from the Lucha Libre-masked anti-hero from the Homestar Runner flash-animated universe captures the inspired, surreal silliness that made the website so popular in the 2000s. Brothers Matt and Mike Chapman were as good as skewering musical cliches as generating playful weirdness, and they tackle metal, hip-hop, punk, lo-fi pop, and dorm-room folk with hilarious results. Don't forget – the Cheat IS to the limit!

- Mark Deming

Love and Rockets


September 15, 1986

Alternative Pop/Rock

On their second album and Billboard 200 debut, arrangements swirl, guitars spiral to dizzying heights, and songs shift and mutate. "Kundalini Express" typifies the approach, chugging along for several verses before breaking open and ascending into the heavens. John A. Rivers (who also co-produced the band's debut) outdoes himself with the sound here, offering a huge canvas upon which the band's crystalline acoustic guitars cut through thick, distorted tones, and where the bass is an equal player to the guitars and drums.

- Jonathan Ball