Slain by Yatsura

September 22, 1998

Alternative Pop/Rock

One of the most endearing acts proving that Britpop wasn't the only worthy indie music coming out of the U.K. during the 1990s, Yatsura and their spiky noise-pop are well worth revisiting. The Glasgow band's 1998 sophomore album brings their hooks and sing-along choruses into the spotlight, but there's still enough guitar mayhem to please fans of Sonic Youth, Pavement, or any of their other disciples.

- Heather Phares

Dirty Three

Ocean Songs

March 31, 1998

Alternative/Indie Rock

Fourth album from Australian guitar/drums/violin trio the Dirty Three was perhaps the strongest expression of their crushingly beautiful sound. Slower and more restrained than some of their earlier albums, and with a focus on oceanic, sailing, and aquatic themes, Ocean Songs moves patiently but dynamically through its reflective journey at sea.

- Fred Thomas