Gogol Bordello


September 16, 2022


I only recently discovered Gogol Bordello and their newest album Solidaritine, but I can’t stop talking about it. Intensely passionate, introspective, and poignant, this album champions for solidarity, perseverance, and strength through difficult times. One of my favorite tracks is “Blue Print.” Its straight-to-the-point lyrics, Gogol Bordello’s famous energy and Hütz’s raw, urgent vocals create a fiery urgency that is difficult to ignore.

- Aurora Sousanis

John Cale

Paris 1919

March, 1973

Contemporary Pop/Rock

Shortly before he dove head-first into the jagged paranoia of 1974's Fear (whose mania would inform much of his next decade), John Cale recorded this lovely outlier in his catalog, a set of elegantly crafted pop songs that rank with the gentlest and most effective in his catalog. Featuring excellent accompaniment from Lowell George and Richie Hayward of Little Feat and jazz giant Wilton Felder, this is arty rock crafted with refined joy.

- Mark Deming