Nickel Creek

Nickel Creek

March 21, 2000


To celebrate the release of first new Nickel Creek album in almost a decade, revisit their first real album of original compositions. A remarkably mature collection of indie-minded progressive bluegrass songs, expertly played and sung by Chris Thile and siblings Sara and Sean Watkins.

- Zac Johnson

The Weirdos

Weird World, Vol. 1


American Punk

The Weirdos were Los Angeles's first great punk band at a time when the L.A. scene was all but ignored out of town, so they never got to make an album in their original incarnation. Weird World, Vol. 1 brings together the singles and EPs they released from 1977 to 1981, and the band's blazing attack and always pointed, sometimes surreal lyrics still sound explosive decades later. Rest in peace, guitarist Dix Denney.

- Mark Deming