Dry & Heavy

King Jammy Meets Dry and Heavy in the Jaws of the Tiger

April 24, 2001


In a fascinating meeting between reggae legend King Jammy and Japanese roots reggae duo Dry & Heavy, Jammy took tapes from two previous Dry & Heavy albums back to his Kingston studios and dubbed them up in fine, roots-wise style, employing all the tricks of echo, reverb, and drop-out that he learned at the feet of the master; the result is a masterpiece of dark and heavy dub that serves as a perfect companion to the albums on which it's based.

- Rick Anderson

Sonic Youth


July 21, 1992

Alternative Pop/Rock

Even at the peak of their popularity, Sonic Youth defied expectations. Dirty arrived at the height of the grunge revolution they helped usher in, but the album's mix of reflective interludes ("JC," "Theresa's Sound World") and charged rock ("100%," "Sugar Kane") once again set them apart from the crowd.

- Heather Phares