Cocteau Twins

Head Over Heels

August, 1983

Alternative Pop/Rock

The ethereal pop beauty that would later come to define the Cocteau Twins first started surfacing on their 1983 sophomore album Head over Heels. While still heavy on gothic darkness and the occasional post-punk inclination, the duo got into softer, more lucid songwriting, blueprinting the next 30-odd years of dream pop with the song "Sugar Hiccup" alone.

- Fred Thomas


Eau de Bonjourno

March 5, 2021

Alternative/Indie Rock

The Toronto art-pop combo's third album is an inquisitive and intimate set, spontaneously recorded and arranged in just ten days. Quirky synths and errant saxophones decorate the landscape, but it's singer Robin Dann's warm musings that steal the show.

- Timothy Monger