Artists who died in 1976

Artist Active Genre & Styles
'Big' Jim Wynn
A Fina Flor Do Samba 1970s - 1980s Folk, International, Brazilian Traditions, Choro, Samba, Western European Traditions
Abel Baer 1920s - 1950s Jazz, Classical, Vocal Music
Ady Rosner 1930s - 1940s Jazz, Continental Jazz, Big Band
Agostino Gabucci Classical
Akio Yashiro 1940s - 1960s Classical, Chamber Music, Keyboard, Concerto, Symphony
Al Jones Blues, Country, Bluegrass, Traditional Bluegrass
Albert Burbank 1920s - 1950s Jazz, New Orleans Jazz, Dixieland
Alois Melichar 1930s Classical, International, Stage & Screen, Vocal Music, Opera, Film Score
Anton Profes
Argent 1970s - 1980s Pop/Rock, Album Rock, Prog-Rock, AM Pop, Contemporary Pop/Rock
Armageddon 1970s Pop/Rock, Hard Rock, Prog-Rock, Heavy Metal
Arthur Briskier Classical, Keyboard
Arthur Neal Gunter 1950s - 1970s Blues, Classical, Pop/Rock, Vocal Music, Louisiana Blues, Regional Blues, Electric Blues
Atlantis 1970s - 2000s Electronic, Pop/Rock, International, Hard Rock, Central European Traditions, Polish, Heavy Metal
Babe Ruth 1970s Pop/Rock, Album Rock, Prog-Rock, Hard Rock
Benjamin Britten 1930s - 1970s Classical, Opera, Chamber Music, Choral, Orchestral, Vocal Music
Bernard Peiffer 1950s - 1960s Jazz, Pop/Rock, Jazz Instrument, Piano Jazz, Swing
Bertha Tideman-Wijers Classical, Vocal Music
Bixo da Seda 1960s - 1970s International
Black Sheep 1970s Pop/Rock, Contemporary Pop/Rock
Bobby Hackett 1930s - 1970s Jazz, Vocal, Easy Listening, Dixieland, Swing, Traditional Pop, Jazz Instrument, Trumpet Jazz, Trumpet/Easy Listening
Boyd Gilmore Blues, Delta Blues, Regional Blues
Bruno Skulte
Brutus 1970s Pop/Rock
Buddy Featherstonhaugh 1950s Jazz, New Orleans Jazz, Swing
Buell Kazee 1920s - 1970s Country, Folk, International, Bluegrass, Field Recordings, Traditional Bluegrass, Traditional Folk, Appalachian, North American Traditions, Old-Timey
Busby Berkeley 1920s - 1970s Stage & Screen, Cast Recordings, Musicals
Buster Brown 1950s - 1970s Blues, Pop/Rock, R&B, Electric Harmonica Blues, Early R&B, Electric Blues
Carlo Krahmer Jazz
Cecilia 1970s Latin, Latin Pop
Chairmen of the Board 1960s - 2010s R&B, Pop/Rock, Pop-Soul, Smooth Soul, Soul, AM Pop
Charles "Skeeter" Willis Country
Charles Panzèra 1990s Classical, Opera, Vocal Music, Choral
Charles Stepney 1960s - 1970s Jazz, R&B, Chicago Soul, Early R&B, Soul, Uptown Soul
Charles West Religious, Gospel
Charles Wilfred Orr Classical, Vocal Music, Orchestral
Chester 1970s Pop/Rock
Chester Burnett 1930s - 1970s Blues
Chris Kenner 1960s R&B, Early R&B, New Orleans R&B
Christie 1960s - 1970s Pop/Rock, Contemporary Pop/Rock
Circus 1960s - 1970s Pop/Rock
Claude Grant Country
Cliff Burwell 1920s Vocal
Clifton Williams Classical, Orchestral, Band Music
Connee Boswell 1920s - 1950s Vocal, Jazz, Early Jazz, Traditional Pop, Vocal Jazz, Swing
Count Ossie 1950s - 1970s Reggae, Nyahbinghi, Ska
Cousin Jody
Cousin Jody
Dave Kapp Vocal