Artists born in / bands formed in 1963

Artist Active Genre & Styles
A.B. Quintanilla III 1980s - 2020s Latin, International, Cumbia, Latin Pop, South American Traditions
Aaron Zigman 1980s - 2020s Stage & Screen, Film Music, Original Score, Soundtracks
Abhijit Banerjee 1990s International, Indian Classical, Indian Subcontinent Traditions, Raga, Indian
Adelheid Schloemann Classical
Adnan Karim 1990s - 2000s International
Adonis 1980s - 2000s Electronic, Acid House, Chicago House, House, Club/Dance
Adrian & the Sunsets 1960s Pop/Rock, Surf
Agnès Szendi Classical, Chamber Music
Alan Davey 1990s - 2020s Pop/Rock, Hard Rock, Instrumental Rock, Neo-Psychedelia, Alternative/Indie Rock
Alaska 1980s - 2000s Latin, Pop/Rock, Latin Pop, Latin Rock
Alberte Children's
Alberto Bonomi 1990s - 2000s Pop/Rock, Jazz-Rock, Prog-Rock
Alessandro Amoretti Classical, Opera
Alexa Still 1980s - 2000s Classical, Chamber Music, Concerto
Alexander Dmitriev 1990s - 2010s Classical, Chamber Music, Concerto
Allison Cameron 1990s - 2000s Avant-Garde, Classical, Chamber Music, Minimalism
Alvin Youngblood Hart 1990s - 2000s Blues, Pop/Rock, Contemporary Blues, Modern Acoustic Blues, Blues-Rock, Country Blues
Amelia Kaplan
Amparo Sandino 1990s - 2010s Latin, International, Latin Pop, South American Traditions, Vallenato
Anders Widmark 1980s - 2000s Jazz, Post-Bop
Andreas Lindenbaum Religious, Classical, Chamber Music, Gospel
Andres Gant Vocal
Andrew Ridgeley 1980s - 1990s Pop/Rock, Dance-Pop
Andrew Rindfleisch 2000s - 2010s Classical, Vocal Music
Andrew Weatherall 1980s - 2010s Electronic, Club/Dance, House, Left-Field House, Techno
Andrián Pertout
Andy Cleyndert
Andy Rourke 1970s - 2000s Pop/Rock
Angela Bennett Religious, Gospel
Angelo Simos 1990s - 2020s Classical, Opera
Anita Mui 1980s - 2000s International, Pop/Rock, Asian Pop, Cantopop
Ann Curless Pop/Rock
Ann Millikan Classical, Symphony
Annaabee-Nox Pop/Rock
Anne-Marie McDermott 1990s - 2010s Classical, Keyboard, Chamber Music, Vocal Music
Anne-Sophie Mutter 1970s - 2020s Classical, International, Chamber Music, Concerto, South American Traditions, Tango
Antoine Roney 1990s Jazz, Hard Bop, Post-Bop, Jazz Instrument, Trumpet Jazz
Antonella Barbarossa Classical
António Ferreira 1980s Avant-Garde, Pop/Rock, Computer Music, Experimental, Process-Generated, Sound Collage, Tape Music
Arnaldo DeSouteiro 1980s - 2000s Jazz, Electronic, International, Brazilian Jazz, Acid Jazz, Bossa Nova, Brazilian Traditions, Fusion, Global Jazz, Latin Jazz
Atlanta Roots 1960s Pop/Rock, British Psychedelia, Psychedelic/Garage
Atli Peterson Classical, Chamber Music
Balazs Kocsar 1990s - 2020s Classical, Orchestral, Opera, Concerto
Bára Basiková 2000s Vocal
Barbara and the Uniques Pop/Rock, R&B, Girl Groups, Soul
Bas Fortgens
Benedicte Adrian 2000s Vocal, Classical, Vocal Music
Benjamin Boone Classical, Chamber Music
Benny Green 1980s - 2020s Jazz, Straight-Ahead Jazz, Post-Bop, Neo-Bop, Piano Jazz, Jazz Instrument
Bernard Wright 1980s - 2000s Jazz, Jazz-Funk, Adult Contemporary R&B, Contemporary R&B, Crossover Jazz, Funk, Post-Bop, Fusion