Artists born in / bands formed in 1957

Artist Active Genre & Styles
The Beatles 1960s - 1970s Pop/Rock, British Invasion, British Psychedelia, Contemporary Pop/Rock, Early Pop/Rock, Merseybeat, Psychedelic/Garage, Rock & Roll, AM Pop, Folk-Rock
Vince Gill 1970s - 2020s Country, Contemporary Country, New Traditionalist, Bluegrass, Progressive Bluegrass
Hans Zimmer 1970s - 2020s Stage & Screen, Classical, New Age, Film Music, Film Score, Original Score, Adult Alternative, Soundtracks
Lyle Lovett 1980s - 2020s Country, Pop/Rock, Alt-Country, Contemporary Country, Contemporary Singer/Songwriter, Alternative Country-Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock
Afrika Bambaataa 1970s - 2020s Rap, Club/Dance, East Coast Rap, Electro, Old-School Rap
Dennis Brown 1960s - 1990s Reggae, Lovers Rock, Smooth Reggae, Dancehall, Ragga
The Kingston Trio 1950s - 2020s Folk, Pop/Rock, Folk Revival, Folk-Pop, Traditional Folk, AM Pop
Nick Cave 1970s - 2020s Pop/Rock, Comedy/Spoken, Alternative Pop/Rock, Post-Punk, Alternative Singer/Songwriter, Alternative/Indie Rock, Film Music, Film Score, Original Score, Soundtracks, Spoken Word
Michael W. Smith 1970s - 2020s Religious, Pop/Rock, CCM, Contemporary Christian, Gospel, Adult Contemporary, Christian Rock, Inspirational
Gloria Estefan 1970s - 2020s Latin, Pop/Rock, Adult Contemporary, Dance-Pop, Latin Pop, Club/Dance, Contemporary Pop/Rock, Tropical
Loreena McKennitt 1980s - 2020s International, New Age, Folk, Pop/Rock, Adult Alternative, Celtic, Celtic Fusion, Celtic New Age, Contemporary Celtic, Adult Contemporary, Worldbeat, Film Score, Harp/New Age
Billy Bragg 1970s - 2020s Pop/Rock, Folk, Alternative/Indie Rock, Alternative Folk, Urban Folk, Anti-Folk, College Rock
Ricardo Montaner 1980s - 2020s Latin, Latin Pop, Mexican Traditions, Tejano
C.J. Chenier 1970s - 2020s International, Creole, North American Traditions, Zydeco, Cajun
Ofra Haza 1960s - 2000s International, Pop/Rock, Jewish Music, Worldbeat, Club/Dance, Dance-Pop, Israeli, Middle Eastern Pop, Middle Eastern Traditions, Yemenite, Film Score
Patty Loveless 1970s - 2020s Country, Pop/Rock, Contemporary Country, Neo-Traditionalist Country, Soft Rock
Najee 1980s - 2020s Jazz, Adult Contemporary, Crossover Jazz, Instrumental Pop, Jazz-Pop, Quiet Storm, Smooth Jazz, Contemporary Jazz, Jazz Instrument, Saxophone Jazz
Steve Taylor 1980s - 2020s Religious, Alternative CCM, CCM, Contemporary Christian, Gospel
Peter Murphy 1970s - 2020s Pop/Rock, Alternative Pop/Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock, College Rock, Goth Rock, Post-Punk, Dance-Rock
Julian Cope 1970s - 2020s Pop/Rock, Alternative Pop/Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock, Neo-Psychedelia, Dance-Rock, Post-Punk, Space Rock
Stephanie Mills 1960s - 2020s R&B, Cast Recordings, Quiet Storm, Soul, Post-Disco
Geri Allen 1980s - 2010s Jazz, M-Base, Post-Bop, Modern Creative, Jazz Instrument, Piano Jazz, Progressive Jazz
The Brothers Four 1950s - 2020s Folk, Folk Revival, Traditional Folk
Denis Leary 1990s - 2000s Comedy/Spoken, Observational Humor, Satire, Standup Comedy, Music Comedy, Comedy
Juan Luis Guerra 1980s - 2020s Latin, Bachata, Latin Pop, Merengue, Dominican Traditions, Salsa, Tropical
Jim Lauderdale 1980s - 2020s Country, Pop/Rock, Contemporary Country, Neo-Traditionalist Country, Singer/Songwriter, Americana, Alt-Country, Alternative/Indie Rock, Traditional Country, Progressive Country, Honky Tonk
The Capris 1950s - 2010s R&B, Pop/Rock, Doo Wop, Early Pop/Rock, Early R&B
Janiva Magness 1980s - 2020s Blues, Contemporary Blues, Modern Electric Blues
Kevin Eubanks 1980s - 2020s Jazz, Contemporary Jazz, Post-Bop, Smooth Jazz, Jazz-Pop, Straight-Ahead Jazz, Crossover Jazz, Guitar Jazz, Jazz Instrument
Eek-A-Mouse 1970s - 2020s Reggae, Dancehall, Ragga, Contemporary Reggae, DJ/Toasting, Roots Reggae
Marc Almond 1970s - 2020s Pop/Rock, Alternative Pop/Rock, Dance-Pop, New Romantic, New Wave, Punk/New Wave, Synth Pop, Contemporary Pop/Rock
Gerald Albright 1980s - 2020s Jazz, Crossover Jazz, Contemporary Jazz, Smooth Jazz
Pam Tillis 1980s - 2020s Country, Country-Pop, Urban Cowboy, Contemporary Country
Paul Hardcastle 1980s - 2020s Jazz, Contemporary Jazz, Crossover Jazz, Fusion, Electro
Thomas Fehlmann 1980s - 2020s Electronic, Ambient Techno, Experimental Dub, Experimental Techno, Techno, Club/Dance, House, Microhouse
Tramaine Hawkins 1960s - 2020s Religious, Black Gospel, Contemporary Gospel, Gospel, Traditional Gospel
Ini Kamoze 1980s - 2020s Reggae, Contemporary Reggae, Ragga, Dancehall, Club/Dance
Robert Pollard 1970s - 2020s Pop/Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock, Indie Pop, Indie Rock, Lo-Fi, Alternative Pop/Rock
Mike Marshall 1970s - 2020s International, Country, Pop/Rock, Folk, New Acoustic, Bluegrass, Brazilian Traditions, Progressive Bluegrass, Alt-Country, Alternative/Indie Rock
Donny Osmond 1960s - 2020s Pop/Rock, Vocal, Adult Contemporary, Contemporary Pop/Rock, AM Pop, Bubblegum, Vocal Pop, Dance-Pop
Bill Engvall 1980s - 2020s Comedy/Spoken, Country, Country Comedy, Standup Comedy, Comedy
Falco 1970s - 1990s Pop/Rock, Dance-Pop, New Wave, Punk/New Wave
Mike Watt 1970s - 2020s Pop/Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock, Post-Punk, American Underground, College Rock, Punk/New Wave, Hardcore Punk
Robert Forster 1970s - 2020s Pop/Rock, Alternative Pop/Rock, Alternative Singer/Songwriter, Alternative/Indie Rock, Country-Rock, Indie Pop
Mikhail Pletnev 1970s - 2020s Classical, Keyboard, Concerto, Orchestral, Symphony
Paddy McAloon 1970s - 2020s Pop/Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock, Chamber Pop
Emily Remler 1970s - 1990s Jazz, Guitar Jazz, Jazz Instrument
Myra Melford 1980s - 2020s Jazz, Modern Creative, Avant-Garde Jazz, Post-Bop, Jazz Instrument, Piano Jazz, Avant-Garde Music
Alberto Barros 1970s - 2020s Latin, Salsa, Tropical, New York Salsa, Latin Pop
Mikel Rouse 1980s - 2000s Avant-Garde, Classical, Opera, Post-Minimalism, Mixed Media, Modern Composition, Experimental Electronic