City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra

The Fantasy Album

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An extensive collection of themes from fantasy and adventure movies through the years, Fantasy Album: Adventure and Fantasy at the Movies features renditions of music from films spanning The Highlander to The Three Worlds of Gulliver as performed by Nic Raine and the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra. While these performances don't quite measure up to the original recordings, the set does include many pieces from film's most respected composers, including John Williams' "The Raiders March" (from Raiders of the Lost Ark), Bernard Herrmann's "Prelude" (from Jason and the Argonauts), and Howard Shore's "The Fellowship" (from Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring). Other highlights include Tan Dun's "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon/The Eternal Vow" (from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon), Danny Elfman's "Main Title/Ice Dance" (from Edward Scissorhands), and Hans Zimmer's "Suite" (from Gladiator). While it may not make film score buffs as happy as a collection of the original versions of these compositions would have, Fantasy Album: Adventure and Fantasy at the Movies is still a relatively decent collection of some of film's most dramatic music.

Track Listing - Disc 1

Title/Composer Performer Time Stream
Harry Potter and the Philosopher's (Sorcerer's) Stone, film score
1 04:52 Amazon
Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring, film score
2 05:52
The Mummy, film score
3 02:55
The Mummy Returns, film score
4 05:24 Amazon
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, film score
5 05:07 Amazon
Conan the Barbarian, film score
6 10:37
Dragonheart, film score
7 04:33 Amazon
Seventh Voyage of Sinbad, film score
8 01:59 Amazon
Mysterious Land, film score
9 04:13 Amazon
10 04:54 Amazon
Jason and the Argonauts, film score
11 01:58
The Valley of Gwangi, film score
12 07:46
The Three Worlds of Gulliver, film score
13 02:00 Amazon
The Golden Voyage of Sinbad, film score
14 04:50
The Witches of Eastwick, film score
15 04:38 Amazon

Track Listing - Disc 2

Title/Composer Performer Time Stream
Gladiator, film score
1 07:17
Flesh and Blood, film score
2 05:02
Willow, film score
3 03:53
Beetlejuice, film score
4 02:04
Edward Scissorhands, film score
5 05:29
Batman, film score
6 12:57
Highlander, film score
7 04:46
The Road Warrior (Mad Max 2), film score
8 06:28
Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome, film score
9 04:59
Carmina Burana, scenic cantata for soloists, choruses & orchestra
10 02:46
Thief of Baghdad, suite from the film score for orchestra
11 05:17
Legend, film score
12 07:14
Raiders of the Lost Ark, film score
13 05:30
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