Steven Halpern

Corridors of Time

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Corridors of Time offers several distinct musical styles by new age music pioneer Steven Halpern. His two "Fantasy" pieces for spatially expanded piano (lots of pedal and echo) create a drone effect with undulating waves of octaves and embellishments. Spacy synthesizer effects add other drones and mind-bending sounds and dimensions. The effect is very relaxing, like floating. Halpern's synthesizer pieces use percolating and unfolding electronic sequences with deep "aum" drones to keep the mind anchored. These pieces differ from Halpern's typical relaxation sound (i.e., the gentle clarion), but they are meditative in their own way. "Diana's Dream Theme" features Diana Allen's enchantingly echoed voice, which seems to lasso across the heavens. Even more variety from Halpern as the title cut features even sharper synthesized sequences; "Round Midnight in Marrakesh" features Middle Eastern rhythms. As Halpern points out in the tape's liner notes, this album is not one of his "Anti-Frantic Alternative" series. It is meant for meditation and visual mind tripping, and an enjoyable excursion it is, too.