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Ennio Morricone
The Sound of Music [Original Broadway Cast]

Stage & Screen Song Highlights

Title/Composer Performer Stream
The Sound of Music~The Sound of Music Mary Martin
The Ecstasy of Gold
Ennio Morricone
Seventy Six Trombones Robert Preston
Welcome to Jurassic Park John Williams
Halloween Theme (Main Title) John Carpenter
Title Music from a Clockwork Orange Wendy Carlos
Peter Gunn
Hand Covers Bruise Trent Reznor / Atticus Ross
Theme from Shaft Isaac Hayes
Superfly Curtis Mayfield
Springtime for Hitler Mel Brooks / John Morris
The Omen, film score~Ave Satani
The Sound of Music~Climb Ev'ry Mountain Patricia Neway
Lawrence of Arabia Overture, Pt. 2 Maurice Jarre / Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
The Batman Theme Sinfonia of London Orchestra
Star Wars (Main Title) John Williams
Citizen Kane, film score~Prelude: Xanadu; Snow Picture
National Philharmonic Orchestra
The Good, The Bad and the Ugly (Main Title) I Cantori Moderni di Alessandroni
E.T. (Flying Theme) John Williams
Superman (Main Theme) Prague Philharmonic Orchestra
Taxi Driver~Theme from Taxi Driver Bernard Herrmann
The Sicilian Clan Ennio Morricone
Think It Over
Lucy Dixon
Jan Hanus / Lubos Sluka
Take It from There
Betty Grable
Put Ya Handz Up
Young Chris
Osho Speaks on Meera Ka Prem
Shubha Mudgal
Moving on
Nigel David Casey
Here Comes Santa Claus
The Rockettes
The Wonderful World of Color (Main Title) [From The Wonderful World Of Color]
Disney / The Sherman Brothers / Richard M. Sherman / Robert B. Sherman / Wellingtons
Too Young
Jerry Ross / The Jerry Ross Symposium
Radio: All Moving 4-4-4-9
4449 Pinnacle
Cuando Me Beses
Celia Flores
Holiday Spirit
Kevin Scott Hall
Ich Kenn ein Haus in Paris
Salonorchester Schwanen
Alexander Helmer / Alexander M. Helmer
Tender Is the Night
Chris Dean
L' Oiseau Magique
I Compani / Nino Rota
Rough and Tumble
Maureen McElheron
Joe Hisaishi
Pineapple Princess
Disney / Annette Funicello / The Sherman Brothers / Richard M. Sherman / Robert B. Sherman
At the Pool
David Bynes
A High Class Act
Brenda S. Moore / Wayne Moore
The Shank
Bill Conti
Brief Sit
Amy Saltzman / Amy Salzman
Valentine's Day
Jonathan Larson
Stanislas Syrewicz
Otto Ketting / Musik Zu Einem Tonfilm
Parlami d'Amore Mariu
Vladimir Cosma

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