Philip Glass

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An early proponent of minimalism, Glass has successfully bridged the gulf between the worlds of American classical and popular music.
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Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Einstein on the Beach, opera 1976 Opera
Akhnaten, opera 1983 Opera
Koyaanisqatsi, film score 1981 Film Score
Low Symphony, for orchestra 1992 Symphony
Glassworks, pieces (6) for chamber ensemble or piano 1981 Chamber Music Keyboard
Satyagraha, opera 1980 Opera
Violin Concerto 1987 Concerto
Etudes for piano, Vol. 1 1994 Keyboard
The Hours, music from the film score for piano Keyboard
Metamorphosis, for piano 1988 Keyboard
Songs from Liquid Days, songs (6) for voice & chamber ensemble 1986 Vocal Music
Hydrogen Jukebox, multimedia theater work 1990 Opera
Kundun, film score 1997 Film Score
The Fog of War, film score 2003 Film Score
Fa├žades, for 2 flutes (or saxophones) & strings 1981 Chamber Music Concerto
1000 Airplanes on the Roof, science fiction opera for actor, soprano & instruments 1988 Opera
The Canyon, for orchestra (or marching band) 1988 Orchestral
In the Upper Room, ballet for chamber ensemble 1986 Ballet
Etudes for piano, Vol. 2 2004 Keyboard
Mad Rush, for piano (or organ) 1979 Keyboard
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