Raekwon Breaks Down His 1995 Single "Criminology"

Raekwon Breaks Down His 1995 Single "Criminology"

By Chris Steffen

May 5, 2015

Twenty years later, the battle still rages over which album from the first wave of Wu-Tang solo records is the best, with GZA's Liquid Swords, Method Man's Tical, Ghostface's Ironman and Raekwon's Only Built 4 Cuban Linx all holding very special places in the hearts of fans. Thanks to our friends over at DJ Booth, we get to learn a lot more about a song from one of those classic albums, Raekwon's "Criminology," which features a guest spot from Ghostface Killah.

Raekwon regales with tales of little old ladies calling the cops on his drug deals, getting chased on rooftops and his pal Ghostface's most ghost-like qualities, and it's always a treat to hear any Wu-Tang member speak extemporaneously, so check it out.

Video via DJ Booth