Artists born in / bands formed in 1925

Artist Active Genre & Styles
Gustavo Becerra-Schmidt Latin, Classical, Chamber Music
Gwen Verdon 1950s - 2000s Stage & Screen, Vocal, Cast Recordings, Musical Theater, Show/Musical, American Popular Song, Vocal Pop
Haim Hefer 1950s - 1960s Pop/Rock
Hal Schaefer 1950s - 2000s Jazz, Jazz Instrument, Piano Jazz, Big Band, Swing
Hale Smith 1950s - 1990s Jazz, Classical, Choral, Keyboard, Orchestral, Chamber Music, Vocal Music
Hank Thompson 1940s - 2000s Country, Bakersfield Sound, Honky Tonk, Traditional Country, Western Swing, Country Boogie
Hardrock Gunter 1950s - 2000s Country, Pop/Rock, Country Boogie, Rockabilly, Rock & Roll
Harold Ashby 1950s - 1990s Jazz, Mainstream Jazz, Swing, Big Band, Jazz Instrument, Saxophone Jazz
Harry Somers 1940s - 1990s Classical, Chamber Music, Choral, Keyboard, Orchestral, Vocal Music, Opera
Heiner Reitz Classical, Chamber Music
Helena Anhava Pop/Rock
Helga Pilarczyk 1950s - 1980s Classical, Vocal Music, Choral, Opera
Henri Chaix 1960s - 1990s Jazz, Bop, Swing, Jazz Instrument, Piano Jazz
Henri Renaud 1940s - 1960s Jazz, Cool, Bop, Swing
Henry Gray 1940s - 2000s Blues, Piano Blues, Electric Chicago Blues, Louisiana Blues, Regional Blues, Swamp Blues
Herb Hardesty 1940s - 2000s R&B, Blues, Jazz, Pop/Rock, Rock & Roll
Herbert Baumann 1950s - 1990s Classical, Chamber Music, Concerto, Ballet
Herbert Kretzmer Pop/Rock, Stage & Screen, Classical, Show/Musical
Hildegard Knef 1960s - 1970s Vocal, Pop/Rock, Folk, International, Schlager, Cabaret, Vocal Pop, Central European Traditions, German
Howard Carroll 1940s - 1950s Religious, Gospel
Howard Crockett 1950s - 1970s Country, Honky Tonk
Hugo Montenegro 1950s - 1980s Easy Listening, Stage & Screen, Film Music, Film Score, Movie Themes, Soundtracks, Spy Music, Easy Pop, Instrumental Pop, Orchestral/Easy Listening
Husk O'Hare's Wolverines 1920s Jazz, Early Jazz
Igor Shamo Classical, Keyboard
Ilya Shakhov Classical, Concerto
Ira Tucker 1940s - 2000s Religious, Gospel, Black Gospel
Irene Dalis 1960s Classical, Opera, Vocal Music
Irina Arkhipova 1960s - 1980s Classical, Opera, Choral
Irwin Silber Folk
Ivo Malec 1940s - 2000s Avant-Garde, Classical, Avant-Garde Music
J.D. Sumner 1950s - 1990s Religious, New Age, CCM, Contemporary Christian, Country Gospel, Gospel, Inspirational
Jaap Schröder 1960s - 1990s Classical, Concerto, Chamber Music, Orchestral, Symphony
Jack Burger 1950s - 1960s Jazz, Latin, Cool, Instructional
Jack Cardwell Pop/Rock
Jack Grimsley Classical, Orchestral
Jack Rothstein 1960s - 2000s Classical, Easy Listening, Jazz, Orchestral, Jazz Instrument, Orchestral/Easy Listening, Film Score
James Bernard 1980s - 1990s Stage & Screen, Holiday, Halloween, Original Score, Soundtracks
James Bernard Classical, Film Score
James Carter 1950s Blues, Folk, Field Recordings, Work Song
James Carter and the Prisoners 1950s Folk, Blues, Religious, Gospel, Field Recordings, Work Song
James Loomis 1950s - 1970s Classical, Choral, Opera
James Moody 1940s - 2000s Jazz, Bop, Hard Bop, Mainstream Jazz, Cool, Jazz Instrument, Saxophone Jazz, Vocal Jazz
Jane Harvey 1940s - 2010s Vocal, Jazz, Cool
Jean-Claude Fohrenbach Jazz
Jeanne Ellison Shaffer Classical, Vocal Music
Jimmy Bryant 1940s - 1980s Country, Instrumental Country, Traditional Country, Country Boogie, Western Swing
Jimmy Lee Williams 1940s - 1980s Blues, Electric Country Blues, Juke Joint Blues, Piedmont Blues, Regional Blues
Jimmy Murphy 1950s - 1970s Country, Pop/Rock, Bluegrass, Rock & Roll, Rockabilly, Traditional Bluegrass
Jimmy Nottingham Jazz, Swing
Jimmy Reed 1940s - 1970s Blues, R&B, Blues Revival, Electric Chicago Blues, Electric Harmonica Blues, Regional Blues, Early R&B, North American Traditions, Cajun