Artists born in / bands formed in 1920

Artist Active Genre & Styles
Dave Brubeck 1940s - 2010s Jazz, Classical, Cool, West Coast Jazz, Jazz Instrument, Piano Jazz, Choral, Keyboard
Charlie Parker 1930s - 1950s Jazz, Classical, Bop, Big Band, Jazz Instrument, Saxophone Jazz, Chamber Music
Ravi Shankar 1930s - 2010s International, Jazz, Classical, Indian Classical, Indian Subcontinent Traditions, Raga, Global Jazz, Chamber Music
Jimmy Witherspoon 1940s - 1990s Blues, Jazz, R&B, Urban Blues, Early R&B, Jazz Blues, Jump Blues, Regional Blues, Texas Blues
Peggy Lee 1940s - 2000s Vocal, Jazz, Stage & Screen, Swing, Torch Songs, Traditional Pop, Vocal Jazz, Show Tunes, Vocal Pop, Cast Recordings
Clark Terry 1940s - 2010s Jazz, Bop, Mainstream Jazz, Swing, Big Band, Hard Bop, Jazz Instrument, Post-Bop, Trumpet Jazz
Yusef Lateef 1950s - 2010s Jazz, Hard Bop, Post-Bop, Modern Creative, Global Jazz, Jazz Instrument, Saxophone Jazz
John Lewis 1940s - 1990s Jazz, Bop, Cool, Keyboard, Third Stream, Chamber Jazz, Jazz Instrument, Mainstream Jazz, Piano Jazz
Percy Mayfield 1940s - 1960s R&B, Blues, Early R&B, Piano Blues, Regional Blues, Soul, Urban Blues, West Coast Blues
Timothy Leary 1960s - 1990s Comedy/Spoken, Electronic, Pop/Rock, Alternative Pop/Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock, Ambient, Club/Dance, Psychedelic/Garage, Spoken Word
Jethro Burns 1930s - 1980s Country, Folk, Jazz, Country Comedy, Traditional Country, Bluegrass, Instrumental Country, Progressive Bluegrass, String Bands, Swing
Jimmy Forrest 1930s - 1980s Jazz, Blues, R&B, Band Music, Hard Bop, Jump Blues, Soul Jazz, Swing, Early R&B, East Coast Blues, Regional Blues, Jazz Blues, Jazz Instrument, Mainstream Jazz, Trombone Jazz
Richard Hayman 1960s - 1990s Easy Listening, Jazz, Stage & Screen, Big Band, Movie Themes, Orchestral/Easy Listening, Soundtracks, Cast Recordings, Show Tunes, Classical Pop, Musicals
Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli 1940s - 1980s Classical, Keyboard, Concerto
Rex Allen 1930s - 1980s Country, Cowboy
Tiny Moore 1970s Country, Progressive Bluegrass, Traditional Bluegrass, Traditional Country, Western Swing, Bluegrass, Instrumental Country
Isaac Stern 1950s - 1990s Classical, Chamber Music, Concerto
City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra 1920s - 2020s Classical, Orchestral, Symphony, Choral, Concerto
Dom Jean Claire Classical, Choral
Eileen Farrell 1950s - 1990s Classical, Jazz, Vocal, Standards, Traditional Pop, Vocal Jazz, Opera, Vocal Music
George London 1940s - 1960s Classical, Opera, Choral
Abbey Simon 1940s - 2010s Classical, Keyboard, Concerto
Guido Cantelli 1940s - 1950s Classical, Orchestral, Symphony
Rita Streich 1950s - 1960s Classical, Holiday, Opera
Václav Neumann 1950s - 1990s Classical, Orchestral, Symphony
Helmut Winschermann 1960s - 1990s Classical, Stage & Screen, Orchestral, Concerto
Robert Mann 1940s - 1990s Classical, Chamber Music, Concerto
Bruno Maderna 1940s - 1970s Classical, Avant-Garde, Jazz, Experimental Electronic, Modern Composition, Opera, Chamber Music, Avant-Garde Music, Concerto
Fedora Barbieri 1940s - 2000s Classical, Opera
Renato Carosone 1940s - 1990s International, Italian Music, Western European Traditions
Westminster Choir 1920s - 2020s Classical, Choral
Aldo Protti 1950s - 1970s Classical, Opera
Central Band of the Royal Air Force 1980s - 1990s Classical, Easy Listening, Band Music, Choral, Orchestral
Nan Merriman Classical, Opera
William Warfield 1950s - 1970s Stage & Screen, Classical, Cast Recordings, Show Tunes, Vocal Music, Opera, Choral
Paul Foster 1940s - 1960s Religious, Gospel
Leonid Hambro 1950s - 2000s Classical, Keyboard, Chamber Music, Choral
Mickey Rooney 1930s - 2000s Comedy/Spoken, Classical, Comedy, Show/Musical, Vocal Music
Alexander Arutiunian 1940s - 1990s Classical, International, Pop/Rock, Concerto, Armenian, Central/West Asian Traditions, Chamber Music, Film Score, Opera, Orchestral, Symphony, Keyboard
Andy Hamilton 1990s Jazz, Bop
Andy Russell 1940s Vocal, Traditional Pop
Geoffrey Bush 1940s - 1980s Classical, Avant-Garde, Choral, Vocal Music, Symphony, Chamber Music, Modern Composition
Mustapha Skandrani
Peter Racine Fricker 1960s - 1980s Classical, Chamber Music, Concerto, Keyboard, Symphony
Tito Gómez 1930s - 1990s Latin, Tropical
Abe Most 1940s - 2000s Jazz, Swing
Al Bernie 1930s - 1980s Comedy/Spoken, Stage & Screen, Comedy
Al Caiola 1950s - 2010s Easy Listening, Jazz, Cool, Film Score, Instrumental Pop, Swing, Guitar/Easy Listening
Albert Hague 1950s - 1990s Stage & Screen, Classical, Show/Musical, Soundtracks, TV Soundtracks
Alexander Lokshin 1960s - 1970s Classical, Orchestral, Symphony, Vocal Music