Geoffrey Bush

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Geoffrey Bush's agreeable personality was manifested in his music, which displayed serious craftsmanship but was often leavened with good humor and a gentle spirit. Bush preferred writing songs and operas,…
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Trumpet March, for organ Keyboard
It Was a Lover and His Lass 1956 Miscellaneous (Classical)
Songs (3) of Ben Johnson Vocal Music
Farewell Earth's Bliss for baritone & orchestra 1950 Vocal Music
Farewell, Earth's Bliss, for baritone voice & orchestra, No. 2, "O, the month of May" Vocal Music
Overture, Yorick 1949 Miscellaneous (Classical)
Sigh No More, Ladies for voice & piano (from Eight Songs for High Voice) 1979 Vocal Music
Trio for oboe, bassoon & piano Chamber Music
Symphony No.1 1954 Symphony
Stevie Smith Songs (2), for voice & piano 1981 Vocal Music
Natus est Immanuel, for string orchestra 1939 Orchestral
Spring Songs (5), for voice & piano 1944 Vocal Music
Concerto for light orchestra 1958 Orchestral
Eight Songs for High Voice 1979 Vocal Music
A Menagerie for Chorus 1969 Choral
Songs (4) from "The Hesperides" for baritone & orchestra Vocal Music
Sinfonietta Concertante, for cello & orchestra 1943 Concerto
Music for orchestra 1967 Orchestral
The End of Love Miscellaneous (Classical)
Symphony No.2 (The Guildford) 1957 Symphony
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