The Man

Pink Floyd

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The Man Review

by Richie Unterberger

In the late '60s, Pink Floyd were apparently considering an opera of sorts called The Man, based around a day in the life of Mr. Average. Nothing came of it, although some of the songs that would have been used in the project made it onto More and Ummagumma. The songs (including numbers like "Grantchester Meadows," "Careful with That Axe, Eugene," "Cymbaline," and "The Narrow") were broadcast as a suite on Dutch radio from a concert at Amsterdam on September 17, 1969. This is that broadcast, and it's not as interesting as it portended. The sound is okay but not outstanding, and some of the performances are only presented in fragments. More importantly, the versions are simply not as good as either the studio takes, or the ones available on other bootlegs from the period, like Rhapsody in Pink and Fillmore 1970.