Garth Brooks

The Legacy

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Pay attention, because this gets tricky. The impetus for The Legacy Collection was Garth Brooks' desire to reissue the most enduring titles from his catalog on vinyl but, since this is Garth Brooks, he carried out this simple task on a grand scale. Legacy Collection -- which boxes up No Fences, The Chase, In Pieces, Fresh Horses, and the 2018 live set Triple Live, which was deemed worthy of inclusion because its set list draws heavily from Brooks' first four albums -- is available in no less than three configurations, all of which share the same content but have different mastering. The seven-LP/seven-CD -- the albums are duplicated on both formats, with Triple Live naturally eating up three of the slots; the CDs contain bonus tracks -- is available either in their original analog mix and masters, a second in new digital remixes and remasters, and a limited-edition third that splits the difference featuring the analog vinyl and the remixed CDs. Between the three, there are some variations in graphics -- notably, there are a bunch of different covers for Triple Live -- and the limited edition has its vinyl pressed at 180 grams, whereas the other two boxes are 140 grams. The Limited carries a heftier price tag than its companions but the other two boxes are quite affordable, so they're attractive to the Brooks fans who want to purchase these old albums yet again in yet another context.