London Philharmonic Orchestra / Howard Shore

Ed Wood [Original Soundtrack]

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If only Edward D. Wood Jr. had lived to see the royal treatment his grade b schlock films received in Tim Burton's biographical creation. Composer Howard Shore ('Silence of the Lambs') borrows from the "visitors from another planet are invading" genre of films- particularly Ed Wood's, but he also sets off in a modern direction, a la Danny Elfman, who Burton has traded in this time around and gives "Ed Wood" its own signature. Campy and kooky, it fits snuggly between the soundtracks for the soundtrack "Plan Nine From Outer Space" and Burton's other tribute to b films, "Mars Attacks." Nothing tops the exciting, spooky main title, especially for Halloween party background music. Shore complements the album with monologues by Martin Landau as Bela Lugosi, the tortured has-been star of the original Dracula. Set aside from the picture, "Beware" and "I Have No Home" sound humorously obscure but for those who have seen "Ed Wood," they will be delightfully nostalgic- not to mention "I Have No Home" would make an astonishing (and tacky) answering machine message.

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