Ennio Morricone

Crime and Dissonance

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AllMusic Review by Thom Jurek

This two-disc anthology assembled by Mike Patton is, after the spaghetti Western soundtracks and themes, essential Morricone. Never has his music from the strange films he scored in the 1960s and '70s been showcased in such an original and powerful way. Patton has looked closely into the experimental nature of the maestro and found plenty here to offer as well as to crow about. Many of the scores he chose from would be known only to cineastes of minor and obscure Italian films. Yet, Patton understood that Morricone loved his own process and treated crime and exploitation flicks like L'Anticristo and Forza G with the same delightful sense of adventure that he approached The Godfather and The Mission with. Here, all manner of strangeness is on offer: from psychedelic guitars and tripped-out wordless vocals to sitars, layers and layers of percussion, acid-drenched strings, an Echoplexed celeste, toy pianos, psychotic operatic voices in chorus, and more. And this is no novelty compilation. It is sequenced with taste and depth. Most of the music here was conducted by the great Bruno Nicolai, and thematically moves from dark to ecstatic to just plain weird in a seamless fashion. In presenting Crime and Dissonance in this manner, Patton has given listeners a much wider view of Morricone not only as a composer, but as a sonic experimentalist. This is one of those must-haves for just about everybody interested in music just off the beaten path enough to conjure strange dreams and perhaps even nightmares.

Track Listing - Disc 1

Sample Title/Composer Performer Time Stream
Una Lucertola con la pelle di donna, film score
1 Ennio Morricone 04:43 Amazon
Veruschka, film score
2 Ennio Morricone 01:48 Amazon
L' Uccello dalle piume di cristallo, film score
3 Ennio Morricone 05:00 Amazon
Metti una sera a cena, film score
4 Ennio Morricone 03:23 Amazon
L' Istruttoria è chiusa: dimentichi, film score
5 Ennio Morricone 02:38 Amazon
Cuore di Mamma, film score
6 Ennio Morricone 02:59 Amazon
L' Assoluto naturale, film score
7 Ennio Morricone 01:13 Amazon
Forza 'G', film score
8 Ennio Morricone 02:32 Amazon
Il Gatto a Nove Code (The Cat o' Nine Tails), film score
9 Ennio Morricone 02:33 Amazon
Gli Occhi freddi della paura, film score
10 Ennio Morricone 03:15 Amazon
Barbablu', film score
11 Ennio Morricone 02:43 Amazon
L' Uccello dalle piume di cristallo, film score
12 Ennio Morricone 01:25 Amazon
L' Anticristo, film score
13 Ennio Morricone 04:00 Amazon
La Moglie piu' bella, film score
14 Ennio Morricone 01:24 Amazon
Veruschka, film score
15 Ennio Morricone 01:01 Amazon
Una Lucertola con la pelle di donna, film score
16 Ennio Morricone 02:12 Amazon
Cuore di Mamma, film score
17 Ennio Morricone 03:06 Amazon
Il Serpente, film score
18 Ennio Morricone 04:19 Amazon
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