Bogdan Raczynski

'96 Drum 'N Bass Classics

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Polish-born Bogdan Raczynski lets his second album title speak for itself, with a faux compilation replete with rave monikers and daft titles -- Kingsland Kru's "Pouch Fulla Seed" not atypical of an album that sidesteps the breakcore movement in favor of a comparatively straightforward celebration of pirate radio culture. Having described his later work as sounds for sobbing, Raczynski's '96 Drum 'n Bass Classics are more sounds for sweating, rickety percussion soon overpowering the more melancholic orchestral "Reach for Your Lives," which introduces the album. "Battle Zone 1996" is the first track to turn up the heat, stepped beats and big basslines bouncing through the cut before the amen makes the first of a number of appearances in "Trip to the Boom," where midrange squawks nod to Adam F's "Metropolis" before the album tips its hat to everyone from Aphrodite to Ed Rush and Optical. It's all very postmodern of course, more teary-eyed reminiscence than pastiche, but ultimately to revisit this admittedly energetic yet ultimately vacuous time in the evolution of jungle seems rather a strange decision.