Bogdan Raczynski

Boku Mo Wakaran

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One of the most impatient and hyperactive artists of the electronica/jungle movement, Bogdan Raczynski frequently leaves his listeners behind in a frenzied race to a finish line that doesn't exist. This being said, Boku Mo Wakaran is a jaw-dropping debut full-length album from one of the odder balls on the Rephlex label; a seemingly prolific and reclusive man who has done live sets hidden underneath the table with a remote unit on his lap. Raczynski hears voices in his head (often Japanese), which he spikes his caustic tracks with quite liberally. To a Western ear, it only reinforces the already foreign-sounding music blasting and sputtering towards the ear bones. Twenty-six untitled tracks blast along to the listeners' amazement and frequent discomfort, with rarely a moment available to get even a glass of water. Everything seems wrong about this album, which is why it's such a head-turner; such a success in it's own right. There are no songs to hum along at work, no hooks that stay with you, no dance-friendly grooves, but also no mistaking the talent pushing this CD ever forward. To be fair, there are brief moments of tenderness that slip in on occasion, brought to life with buzzing little Casio-quality melodies and riffs that struggle to see the light through Racynski's hailstorm of percussion. Rarely, however, do they get the breathing room they deserve. For people that want a break from everyday without letting go of the anger and speed, then nail this into your shelf -- and don't forget to breathe.

Track Listing

Sample Title/Composer Performer Time
1 0:05
2 4:13
3 2:24
4 2:25
5 2:37
6 3:35
7 4:03
8 0:45
9 3:27
10 1:02
11 2:09
12 0:57
13 2:58
14 3:18
15 1:12
16 3:08
17 0:31
18 4:57
19 1:55
20 4:56
21 1:05
22 1:23
23 3:39
24 4:17
25 4:38
26 5:27
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