blog image 1Next week Tycho (aka Scott Hansen) releases his second full length album, Dive, on Ghostly International. The relaxed tempos, achingly pretty synthscapes, and sweet as punch melodies conjure up fuzzy, sun-saturated images of hazy summer days and cool neon evenings. Put him firmly in the Boards of Canada and Plone school of electronics, in other words. Along with designing sound like a pro, Hansen also works as a visual artist and designer under the name ISO50. The site he runs serves as a portfolio for his design work along with being a shop, a clothing line, a blog and a good way to check out some Tycho jams. Since his music and his design work are so intertwined, we thought it would be cool to ask him for a list of his favorite design-y stuff...

First, here's a song from the new record:

Das Programm
Anytime I am searching for simplicity in my life and work, I look back at the work Dieter Rams did for Braun and use his ideal "less and more" as a guide. Das Programm catalogs much of his product work via high res photographs.

Dan McPharlin
Dan creates everything from miniature paper synthesizers to stunning painted album covers. Everything he does sits very nicely in that retro-future sweet spot.

Project 33
Seattle-based Jive Time Records catalogs the best of the best from their vinyl album artwork collection. An incredibly inspirational resource.

Neil Krug
Big fan of what Neil is doing with photography and motion. Really excited to be working with him on an upcoming Tycho video.

Absolutely stunning print work from Brazil. This is the kind of work I like to have up around the house.