blog image 1This week Treefight for Sunlight, the oddly named pop band from Denmark who inspired our reviewer Chrysta Cherrie to use words like "mini-symphony," "the Turtles," "kaleidoscopic," and "angelic" (here's that review in full) release their first album in the US, A Collection of Vibrations for Your Skull. The record came out earlier in 2011 on Bella Union and was self-titled; I guess they thought U.S. audiences would appreciate a flashier title. Either way it's a pretty great pop album and you should track it down. We asked bassist/vocalist Christian Rohde Lindinger for a list of cool stuff and he sent us some lovely songs....

First here's a track from the album in video form:

"Everyone knows what these songs can do. These are all songs that are extremely well written, the melodies and the arrangements suit each other perfectly and are wrapped in flawless productions. Productions that are so important to their songs that you love them both equally for their contribution to one another."

Animal Collective - "Did You See The Words"
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!!!! Groovyness! And these melodies are completely mind-blowing.
"Look we have similar stitches
Look we have similar frowns
Do the elderly couples still
Kiss and hug and grab their big wrinkly skin so tough wrinkly wrink-wrink-wrinkly rough?
Did you see the words you wrote?
Give me rabies, bring your babies in the hospital"

The Beach Boys - "Don't Talk (Put Your Head on My Shoulder)"

Air - "Cherry Blossom Girl"
Aaaahhh, the smoothness! It's like floating in melted butter! Melted French butter. That flute is what it must feel like to perform multiple teleportations inside a cloud somewhere in the near future in the remake of a French 80's cartoon.

The Beatles - "She Said She Said"
There's no arguing with ignorance, so if you don't like this, hate yourself until you've changed, No one can miss loving this song. It's just too good. And to everyone who ever said anything bad about Ringo's drumming - Fuck off.

Radiohead - "Exit Music(For A Film)"
Well now, here come the tears marching through my eyeballs again. I wish I could relive the first time I listened to this song and really be present. Mathias and I had an amazing experience listening to their song "A Wolf at the Door.(It Girl. Rag Doll.)" recently, I think it's their best song, but "Exit Music" had more of an impact on us back when our album was being conceived.

Colin Blunstone - "Say You Don't Mind"
"I've been doing some dying" .....Word.