Sweater Girls play indie pop unfettered by dreams of placing a song in an Axe body spray commercial ("True Love Will Find You in the End".....really, Daniel?!?) or touring as opening act for whatever bland stadium "indie pop" band catches the ear of college radio programmers this year. They play their indie pop straight and true, filtering the classic rambunctious strum and clang of C86 bands through the sweetness of Sarah Records and the sonic boom of Black Tambourine, making side trips to collect the harmonies of the Softies and the buzzing energy of the (very) early Primitives. They do all this collecting and stitching together, but still sound unique and totally up-to-date on their just released debut album Sweater Girls Were Here. In my review I said the band is perfect reminder of why indie pop is so easy to fall in love with and I totally meant what I said! We asked the band's five members to send along a favorite song for the Poplist and they responded like champs. Go, Indie Pop!!

First, here's the video for "Fred," one of the album's highlights.....


Jackie's pick:
Fuzzbox - "Rules and Regulations"
My older sister had this tape when I was little. It was the only band that I had ever heard of that had a song called "Jackie". I listened to this tape all the time and I still listen to their music now just as much. One of my fave things about them is you can tell that they are good friends that care more about having fun with each other rather than caring if people that will like the music that comes out of it. That rules.


Joey's pick:
Tirolean Tape and Her Knights - "Red Guitar"
Momoko Yoshino bands rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Diana's pick:
Beat Happening - "Other Side"
One of my favorite albums of all time is Beat Happening's Black Candy. This might be my favorite track on the LP--as well as "Cast A Shadow." To me, it represents absolute pop perfection.


Tatiana's pick:
The Magnetic Fields - "Strange Powers"
It's one of my favorites because it reminds me of that feeling you get when you really like someone and thinking about them keeps you up at night. It reminds me of the only time I've been to Coney Island and I had blue lips from eating cotton candy. I like that liking feeling. I like this song and the feelings it makes me feel.


Cary's pick:
Sourpatch - "Cynthia Ann"
This song pretty much has everything I like in music. It's happy. It's sad. It's pretty. It's chaotic. Ultimately, it always leaves me with this feeling of optimism that i don't feel like you get from much music these days.