blog image 1This week the Poplist takes a quick look at the bands and songs that inspired Ian McCutcheon. Sharp eyed trainspotters likely remember him as the drummer for Slowdive and then Mojave Three, which is impressive enough. His latest project the Loose Salute sees him taking a larger role as songwriter and vocalist (as well as drummer). The groups' sweetly sung, sprite-ly played bubblegum country rock sounded good on their debut album from four years ago, Tuned to Love; the new record Getting Over Being Under sounds even better. More confident, more fully realized and full of really lovely singing, it's a big step forward for the band.

Before we turn Ian loose, here's a track from the new album: "Happy I Don't Count"

The Beach Boys - "Hold On Dear Brother"
Such a beautiful song, I love the lazy feel of this tune, for me it's the stand-out track on the Carl And The Passions LP, a stroke of genius by Carl Wilson in inviting Blondie Chaplin into the band. It's Blondie and stand in drummer Ricky Fataar that are credited with the writing of this song.

Jeff Beck - "Hi Ho Silver Lining"
This song reminds me of my childhood, it was always played at weddings and parties, it was usually the last song of the night. We really tried to capture the stomp of this track on a song on Getting Over Being Under called "Run Out Of Morning". The string part on "Run Out Of Morning" is heavily influenced by the strings this track.

Wilco - "On And On And On"
Tweedy and Co keep delivering great music, a real inspiration, here's a heart breaker from their sixth studio album Blue Sky Blue. I think it's written for or about Jeff Tweedy's dad, It's hard to get through this one without feeling a little emotional.

Beachwood Sparks - "Sister Rose"
Psychedelic country music done to perfection, word has it that Beachwood Sparks are gonna be in the studio again for the first time in years. Great band, great tunes, great guys.

Ride - "Vapour Trail"
I first saw Ride play in the early 90's, straight after seeing them I decided I wanted to be in a band. Their live shows were mind blowing. When The Loose Salute played their first ever gig, Andy Bell from Ride was the very first person into the dressing room to say how much he enjoyed the gig!! We were blown away.

Bonus Beachwood Sparks: