The Ettes fourth album Wicked Will came out last week and it's a storming blast of garage rock goodness. Unlike on their previous album, Do You Want Power, Coco, Jem, and Poni have no time for tricky things like subtlety or artistic growth, they storm through the songs with a furious sense of purpose and power, barely pausing for breath as they lay waste to lame and unreliable boyfriends There's no doubt that the Ettes are ruling the garage rock scene right now and that made them prime candidates for the Poplist.

Before we turn it over to the band, first check out a track from the album: "Excuse"

We could list bands, records, and other music we like, but if you really want to know what we're into, check it out!

Coconut Water
Poni is a huge fan. It's so beautiful and delicious, and has electrolytes, and is extremely refreshing. Poni is accepting imaginary spokesperson offers from coconut water companies, because Rihanna is plastered all over New York City propping the drink, but Poni says she isn't the only Caribbean female musician who loves coconut water, so bring it!

Coco and Poni challenge you to find better dialogue ("better" as in "entertaining") than that in this slow, strangely-edited '80s television program. And as American Apparel and Black Swan clearly prove, dancewear never goes out of style, it only gets more and more appealing. Coco can't dance but this show makes her think she can. And that is something.

Chinese Food
Jem recently found a Chinese take-out joint in Nashville that has authentic New York style Chinese food. It took him three years, but he found it. This was probably the most exciting day of his Nashville existence. Jem was raised on this stuff; it's in his blood. All New Jersey Jews can say that. It's called China Spring, and if you're craving Chinese food while in Nashvegas, we highly recommend it.

NBA Live 09
It was the only game that came with the van for this tour, so Poni got involved. Poni knows little about video games that aren't arcade games -- and even less about basketball -- which makes it even more fun to learn. Like a new language. All I know is, Curry, you're off the team! If we could figure out how to bench you we would.

The Best Show on WFMU
Oh, you don't live in the tri-state area? Cry me a river. Neither do we, but we never miss an episode of The Best Show on WFMU. Broadcast out of New Jersey, you can stream it (and its many wondrous archives) at And you should. A lot. Tune in and you might even catch regular caller Coco with her mischief rasp and creepy stories. 9-Midnight on Tuesdays. You will thank yourself.