Slam Donahue are a pretty weird little pop group. Pretty darn good too! The Singer/guitarist David Otto and bassist Thomas Sommerville make a joyful racket on their new EP Hemlock Tea, inspired by the sunniest indie pop, the brightest noise pop, cheerfully janky bedroom hip hop, and the breezy radio AM sounds of the 1970's. The songs jump out of the speakers and wrap you up in a big bear hug, sticking a tongue in your ear and giving you a friendly goose at the same time. Check it out and see if I'm lying!

The guys in the band were nice enough to send along a list of what songs they've been listening to and the strain of weed that best complements each.
Riff Raff & Trouble Andrew - "Can't Fit In"
Purple Kush with the dark trichomes at a party no one would put scopolamine in your cold cup.

Hot Chip -" Look At Where We Are"
Underdawg, so the comforter feels amazing when you stretch out your legs.

Warren Zevon - "Lawyers, Guns And Money"
Some of whatever you call it when they just give you loose buds in the palm of your hand. Schwag.

French Montana - "Pop That"
Whatever you smoked, you would claim it was the fucking best. Medicinal bullshit out of one of those green canisters.

King Geedorah - "Next Levels"
Silver Bubble, get in your own head. Think they are rapping about you.

Chairmen of the Board - "All We Need Is Understanding"
They used to call it all Mary Jane.

Bastille - "Flaws"
MDMA and just grinding. Take a drag of something but don't inhale.