The Seattle band Seapony just released their first album Go With Me for Hardly Art this week and it's a gem. Drawing from the fuzz pop of the '80s and the American Indie sound of the early '90s, they have a just right blend of ramshackle energy, melodic smarts and unabashed sweetness that's guaranteed to have anyone who liked Small Factory or Beat Happening losing their dentures with joy. And if those names mean nothing to you, you can still just be knocked out by the great songs! We asked the members of the band (past and present) to list some songs and musicians that inspired them and here's what they said:

First though, let's hear "Blue Star," one of the standout tracks from the album....
"Blue Star"
(The Drum Machine)
The Field Mice – "This Love Is Not Wrong"
This is the drum machine’s favorite track ever. It gets him really pumped and keeps him staying positive, especially now that he kind of got kicked out of the band.

John (Drummer)
The Ronettes - "Be My Baby"
This is probably the most perfect beat in the whole world in what probably is the most perfect pop song. I would play this beat for every song if I could. I’m trying to get Danny to write a Seapony song with this beat. Then I’ll play it every day.

The Jesus and Mary Chain – "Just Like Honey"
This is the same beat, but only using a snare and a floor tom, just like we do. Bobby Gillespie played drums for these guys before moving on to brighter pastures in Primal Scream. You can watch him on You Tube playing standing up. He looks so cool. He really gets it. That’s the look I try and go for.

Ian (Bass Player)
U2 - "Bad"
My favorite bass player of all time is Paul McCartney. His playing is the most energetic and melodic of any players I’ve heard. My playing in Seapony is not quite that at all. My style is more influenced by Adam Clayton of U2. He keeps it cool and simple. It’s an easy job.

Jen (Singer/rhythm guitar)
Beat Happening – "Noise"
I adore Heather Lewis’s voice. It sounds so natural and cool. I think vocals sound best when you’re not trying to hard. I try to sound like I’m bored or hate singing whatever song I’m singing. That’s when it turns out best!

Danny (Lead Guitarist)
Metallica – "Master of Puppets"
Even though he plays rhythm and metal, James Hetfield has had the most influence on me. His highly organized playing style has taught me that a riff should be first and foremost fun to play.