blog image 1The Australian quartet Royal Headache helpfully answer a nagging musical question you may have posed at some point, namely what would happen someone messed with the whole time/space thing and somehow Otis Redding ended up fronting the 1977 Damned? Or maybe if Wilson Pickett ended up being backed by the Saints. Okay, so maybe you never asked that question but the guys in the band (Law, Shogun, Shortty and Joe) did at some point and their answer gets them an A+ in my book. Their self-titled debut album just came out on What's Your Rupture last week and the garage soul intensity and incredibly catchy songs knocked me out. Guitarist Law was kind enough to send us a list of stuff he's been digging lately, complete with some snapshots.

blog image 2Marrickville
My girlfriend lives here so I spend the majority of my weekends in Marrickville. There's nothing better than getting a Marrickville pork roll on a Saturday morning for $4 and then maybe getting a free sausage sandwich from Banana Joes if they have the BBQ running. Fantastic Vietnamese restaurants everywhere. Hanoi Quan (pork skin spring rolls) and Huong Huong (with an amazing 200+ menu) being the standouts.
blog image 3
Petersham Oval, Petersham
A beautiful and historic oval where they have been playing cricket (summer) and baseball (winter) for over a 100 years. My mate Nathan and I usually head down here on a Sunday afternoon to watch the Marrickville Penguins 1st grade baseball team play. A really relaxing way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon.
blog image 4
Goodgod Small Club/The Dip, Sydney
A great hang out spot in CBD. Nothing better than sinking into a booth with some friends and then ordering chili fries and a couple of beers.
blog image 5
Faheems Fast Food, Enmore
Pakistani & Indian food at its best. I usually hit this place up at least 3-4 times a month. The choice of 3 veggie dishes & rice for under $10 is such great value.
blog image 6
Napoleon the Mini Lopeared rabbit
I bought this little guy for my girlfriend over a year ago. Loves getting pats on the head and running around the backyard.