This week we throw the Poplist spotlight on Ringo Deathstarr, an Austin group who channel the feedbacky ghost of My Bloody Valentine like they were Shirley MacLaine after a jug of expensive wine. In a good way! Like they take the basic shoegaze template and make it come alive somehow. Maybe it's the tough but tender, the noise-y but pretty, the wiped-out energy....I don't know for sure. I just know that it totally works and their second album (Mauve, out 9/25 on Sonic Unyon) is as good as anything that came out in the heyday of shoegaze and puts other recent revivalists to shame. We asked the band's Elliott and Alex what they've been up to lately, but first let's take a look a video for "Rip."

God Bless America
A film by Bobcat Goldthwait. It's about a guy who kills reality TV stars and stuff. The commentary in this film is right on.

I can't stand pop culture at the moment, unless of course it is.....

Gordon Ramsay
I love all his shows. Of course the British versions are better, but when I want to turn off my mind and drool I front of a TV screen, I can't find anything better than watching Ramsay's profanity drenched musings.

Daniel Tosh's Pandora Station
As we are cruisin' around the USA, we enjoy listening to nothing but comedy recordings. When you type in Daniel Tosh, be prepared to smile!

Disinformation Podcasts
Since I don't believe the official story about anything, the subject matter here is right up my alley. Listen to the one with Andy Behrman!

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Jump on the bandwagon and obliterate your brain.
10 guy meme is tops, yo.
Jeff Ward
A talk show host in Austin on KLBJ. His funny insights are great, about national politics, local Austin stuff, economic issues. He is also very attractive.