This week Orcas, a lovely collaboration between Thomas Meluch and Rafael Anton Irisarri, both of whom are better known as Benoit Pioulard and the Sight Below respectively. The music on their self-titled album is tender and beautiful, built of gently glitched electronics, clipped guitars, spookily precise arrangements, and calm vocal interplay. It's a bewitching kind of music that is relaxing but also slightly a bit dramatic, maybe even melodramatic. This feeling was reinforced when we asked the duo to contribute to the Poplist and they each sent along a list of fictional cinematic locales where they could visualize Orcas performing.

Before we get started, here's a song from the album: "Carrion"
The "Snowdrift Room" from Tarkovsky's Stalker
It's bleak to the ultimate degree, yet somehow oddly comforting. The gossamer light pouring in from the end of the space is the same as what I expect to see upon my death.
Any part of the Institute from Institute Benjamentaby The Brothers' Quay
The set design here is beyond my understanding - seemingly every square inch contains some kind of fabulous curiosity or bauble. The word "haunting" is impossible to avoid.

The Black Lodge from Lynch's Twin Peaks
An incredibly iconic set that has appeared in a number of my own dreams over the years.. If we had the chance to play here (or even in a replica set) I'd feel obligated to write a song whose lyrics are comprised entirely of lines spoken by the Man From Another Place.

The château from Resnais' Last Year at Marienbad
Yet another film that plays out with an incomparable kind of dream logic, making its set seem all the more labyrinthine. In this case I picture us as more of a background element with the despondent characters just kind of wandering around. As they do.

"The Slow Club" from Blue Velvet
Huge David Lynch fan here. Kind of a no-brainer for me. Funny, Tom mentioned a Lynch set too. Great minds think alike, or something...

"The Korova Milk Bar" from A Clockwork Orange
I would have loved to take some of the opiated-laced milk and play a set there, that would have been nice. Oh right, it is not real. Damn, somebody needs to make this a reality. SUPERB business model.

“Rigshospitalet” from The Kingdom
This mini-series was too amazing, Lars Von Trier a genius. Strangely enough, here in Seattle there's a building that looks just like it. My good friend Tiny Vipers lives right by it, so every time I go to her flat, I always think about the series.
"The Overlook Hotel" from The Shining
I would love to do a 'sleep set” at this location. And then everyone goes mad afterward. "Heeeere's Johnny!"