Later this month, Dirtnap will release the second record from Mark Ryan's latest project Mind Spiders. Before you say "Mark who?", let me head you off by saying he was in the Marked Men and High Tension Wires and therefore, you can expect nothing less than snotty brilliance from this new project. 2011's self-titled album was pretty hot, but this new one, Meltdown, is even better. Very hooky, very tough, with lots of fuzz, reverb, and rickety guitar and synth clatter. Ryan sent us a list of stuff he's been liking lately; it kind of reads like an instruction manual for building the Mind Spiders' sound....

First, here's a track from the album:
"Wait for Us" "Wait for Us"

Devo -
Hardcore Devo, Vol. 1
Hardcore Devo, Vol. 2

One thing that I think all Mind Spiders would agree on is that Devo is undoubtedly one of the best bands of all time. Hardcore Devo solidifies that fact. If you disagree, you may be suffering from some type of traumatic head injury.


The Crumar Stratus
I've developed a love for old analog synthesizers. Many people have, I know, but there's a reason! They rule! The Crumar Stratus one of my favorites. Be certain this will be all over the next Mind Spiders record.

TONTO's Expanding Head Band - Zero Time
One of my favorite albums is called "Zero Time" by TONTO's Expanding Head Band. It came out in 1971. They have another album called "It's About Time" that's pretty good, but "Zero Time" is the one to get. TONTO is an acronym for "The Original New Timbral Orchestra". The band was made up of Malcolm Cecil and Robert Margouleff. They built a monster synthesizer that looks like the cockpit of a space ship. Way ahead of their time. Eat your heart out, Kraftwerk! They later went on to work with Stevie Wonder and a bunch of other bands (including Devo), but forget about that stuff, get "Zero Time" and enjoy! Here's a great video of Malcolm Cecil showing off TONTO:


Buddy Holly's Home Recordings (a.k.a. Apartment Tapes)
Buddy made a bunch of demos during his short career. These songs, with just him and his acoustic guitar, are the perfect combination of sweet and eerie. Greatness.


Sriracha hot sauce makes any type of food taste better (except maybe fruit).