It's a Musical's second album For Years and Years (out April 10th) is super charming and sweet. Also, emotional and musically inventive. A lot like their debut The Music Makes Me Sick, in other words. The duo of Ella Blixt and Robert Kretzschmar don't deviate much from the snappy, melodic indie pop played on old keyboards and drums template but they do inject that sound with more energy and verve this time out. And their cover of the Eleventh Hour's obscure 1997 gem "The Team That Never Wins" is really nice. We asked the duo to send us a list of their favorite stuff and they did!

First, here's "Pointback" from the new album:
First Aid Kit
Lovely long-haired Swedish sisters singing so beautiful songs you wanna cry. We're very happy that they've become so famous now, the world deserves this wonderful band.
We have to move our feet in a tense dramatic '80s move when we hear their tunes. And Ella wishes she could look like Annie Lennox.
Mates Of State
Weellllll, they are one of our favourite bands! They are the reason we chose organs instead of guitars. They also seem like the best team ever.....having kids, making music, touring and all. Super mega powers?
The Knife
Funny, intellectual, political and with great integrity. They're not just making music, but challenging themselves and their fans by having strong ideals and opinions about stuff - like for example what is "quality" and who can decide what's good or bad and why? That's very inspiring, not just for making music but for life.
The Dodos
Pretty boys simply making wonderful music.