Over the course of five albums, Boduf Songs' Mat Sweet has blended whispery folk, electronics, post-rock majesty and a dark but palpable sense of humor into a singular sound. His latest, Burnt Up on Re-Entry, may be his most polished and elaborate set of songs to date, but they retain the rawness that made his early work so captivating. Given how big a part atmosphere plays in Boduf Songs' music, it's not surprising that Sweet's list leans toward the meteorological -- but let's not steal his thunder.

First, here's the stop-motion video Sweet made for one of the album's standout songs, "Song to Keep Me Still":

Top Five Weather Conditions
1. In at number one is RAIN. While it might seem a predictable choice for someone who's recorded output is generally deemed 'dour', there's the truth of it. Something about the greyness of the day, the splish splash and the white noise, lights reflected in puddles, people briefly united in their collective desire to spend as little time as possible outside. Good time to take a walk.
Preferred soundtrack: Morte Macabre - Symphonic Holocaust

2. OVERCAST. Looming black clouds, thick and heavy skies that necessitate the use of electric lights indoors at midday, the promise of a downpour (see no.1), it's like nighttime but it's daytime.
Enjoy with: Deathprod - Morals and Dogma

3. SNOW. I got blanketed, all white and frosty. Sparkly layer, tiny ice puffs of radial symmetry. Drifty wonderblossoms falling out of the sky for to render all the uglies perfect and immaculate. Crunchy underfoot.
Musical accompaniment: The Necks - Mindset

4. Louis C.K., Derren Brown, Alternative Baking Company cookies. Not sure.
5. The MILD AUTUMNAL. It's not hot but the sun is out and feels warm on the skin. Colours. Take off the jacket, why not. Nah, I think I'll leave it. A little breeze, nice. Would you care for some ginger ale? No thank you, I'm watching my figure. Oh you would say that. Hey don't be like that. Like what? Oh fuck off. I don't care what weather you like.
Listening (A.M.): Tindersticks - Falling Down A Mountain

Listening (P.M.): Insect Warfare - World Extermination