Seattle-based quartet Beat Connection combine the dancefloor sensibilties of LCD Soundsystem with a sure-handed way of crafting poppy hooks to come up with a sound that will have you singing along as you groove. Their newly released album The Palace Garden is a straight-up jam and here's the best track.....

We asked the band to chip in with a list and they went all out! Without further ado, here are the eight best concerts Beat Connection has ever attended:

One Step Beyond – July 1992
Man that shit was heavy, they just don’t do em like this any more, something like 30,00 people came out to dance all night, so much love, so much old skool. Never forget it, never quite remember it.

Jay Z - February 1994
This joint was at the Kit-Kat Club or something like that and you could tell big things was happening. I remember seeing Dame hand the bartender a stack just for keeping the champagne cold. Way beyond a reasonable doubt.

Night Slugs #2 – April 2008
This was when you could tell that Night Slugs was gonna have a hold on a whole scene. Bok Bok & L-Vis 1990 held it down, Zomby just lit spliff after spliff, didn’t mix anything... I think it may have been the first time Kingdom came over to the UK, I don’t know, but 4 years on and its still going.

Starfucker - August 2008
It’s so weird seeing a band play in some warehouse the size of a garage with Christmas lights and other DIY garbage all over the place. Especially during the pre-chillwave hipster renaissance that was Portland at the time, but damn, such fun, I cherished this memory when they took us out on our first tour.

Hantarashi – May 1985
I have never seen anything like what happened at the Metropolitan Home Economics Loft in Nerima. Watching a small bulldozer destroy a stage while its driver convulses and screams wildly is the most terrifyingly alive I have felt, and the drummer never stopped once. Neubauten can try and get this extreme but no one will ever touch this, Yamantaka Eye went on to form Boredoms, whose shows are consistently amazing and challenging, but with Hantarashi the high water mark for extreme noise was set.

Talking Heads – December 1975
This was one of my first times at CBGB, which is a legend in itself. In all honesty, the Heads didn’t really have their live show up to the quality they would eventually acheive. But what they lacked in proficiency they definitely made up for in energy and excitement, it was so pure and unadulterated.

Duke Reid’s The Trojan – May 1963
Yeah these happened pretty frequently but this one stands out as one of the best Jamaican Sound Clashes we ever wound up at. They were going hard, I think both systems had some pretty exclusive plates. Marley on one side and Lee “Scratch” Perry was a great host over at the Trojan. This was a good vibes clash as well, it was all about presenting the best music around.

The Jackson 5 – November 1969
Seeing talent like that was just amazing, and on the set of Soul Train this was particularly amazing, Michael’s voice for someone that young was just incredible.