This week the long-running indie rock heroes ...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead release their eighth album Lost Songs. Inspired by the conflict in Syria and dedicated to the jailed Russian punk band Pussy Riot, the album delivers the group's usual blend of ambition, emotion and exhilaration with a fiery attack that rarely lets up. Mixing politics, passion and indie rock isn't an easy thing to do convincingly, but the Trail of Dead do it here again. Here's a video for one of the album's highlights.....

Autry Fulbright's top 5ive:

1. Favorite Drink: Fernet Branca. It's an herbal-based liquor. A digestif. An acquired taste. My friend (former LCD Soundsystem, current Turing Machine guitarist) Justin Chearno runs a wine shop in Brooklyn and he once gave me a large bottle that was imbibed in less than an hour. Fernet is usually a hangover cure, but that time it was a hangover cause.

2. Favorite Food: Cordon Bleu Schnitznel at Erica's Eck in Hamburg, Germany. Hamburg has become a new HQ for the band of sorts. We always go to the same traditional German restaurant, and I always order the ham and cheese stuffed pork schnitzel. Everyone we take there says it's the best pace they've ever eaten.

3. Favorite Instruments: I've gotten rid of all my favorite instruments, including a non-reversed powder blue Epiphone Thunderbird bass and Fender Toronado guitar. I'd love to get my hands on a Courtney Love signature Fender Venus guitar. I actually don't like her as a musician, a mother, or a person, but her guitars look cool. I really like Fender Jaguars and Jazzmasters as well, due to the fact that my favorite guitarists, Lee Ranaldo of Sonic Youth and Nels Cline of Wilco play them.

4. Favorite Swear Word: I'm a big fan of "fuck" because it can be used in so many diverse and non-conventional ways i.e. “Eat My Fuck.”

5. Favorite Music of the Moment: Death Grips. It's like the future of music. I like most of it, but I don't “get” all of it, so I guess I'm getting old.