blog image 1Alcoholic Faith Mission's recently released Ask Me This is a raucous, emotional, and quite often thrilling, record that finds the Danish group pitched somewhere between a less-pompous Arcade Fire and a supremely bummed-out I'm From Barcelona. It's the band's fourth album and they've got their intense but melodic sound just about perfected, espcially on the uptempo tracks that burst through the speakers in a rush of melancholy fever. We asked them for a list that reflected their current interests and as you can see, they like to drink whisky!!

While touring we like to enjoy the amber-like drops of life - also knows as whisky. Mostly the expensive ones from Isley, but a chilled bourbon on ice sometimes hit the spot as well.

Ardbeg (10 Years Old)
The Ultimate Isley Single Islay Malt Scotch Whisky, as they call it. It's one of the most peaty malt whiskys in the world and definitely one of our favorites. We discovered how much we really liked it in January last year whilst secluded during recordings in a small cabin deep in the Swedish woods with snow and -4 degree Fahrenheit outside. The experience might be influenced by the fact that it was the only way to stay warm.

Talisker (10 Years Old)
The Isle of Sky classic Scotch with just a bit peat. At late night recording sessions it meets every palate urging a bit of edge in the whisky.

Laphroaig (10 Years Old)
For a long time this salty and very peaty Islay scotch have been one of our favorites. Carrying it around in our flasks on the road it proves quite effective after our shows. A lot of people ask us what it is we drink from our flasks on stage. It's usually Laphroaig.

Yamaziki (10 Years Old)
Most people don't quite get it, but the Japanese make excellent whiskys. Mainly inspired by the Scottish Highland tradition, whiskys like Yamaziki might be one of the easiest whiskys to get into/get addicted to. It's just so smooth and a bit sweet like Cognac or Armagnac.

Talking about sweet whiskys, the classic Highland Scotch Glenmorangie is almost a dessert. This one definitely divides the band. It's like the most smoky ones - either you love them or hate them.

Old Fashioned
Sometimes we like to inhale the whisky as a part of a classic cocktail like Whisky Sour. As other romantics watching Mad Men, we also had to get into the Old Fashioned. At least just for the style. Some of us can now make a decent OF with good bourbons like Woodford or Knob, but nothing can compete with the drinks made by Blanton we got after playing a gig at Lilla Hotelbaren in Stockholm. Every time it took the bartender at least 10 minutes to get satisfied with it. It seemed quite fair though given the price of $30 each.

Canadian Whisky
Last year, a week before playing CMW and SxSW, we went to Canada to visit our old friend Mike. Mike had moved from Toronto to Kagawong on a songwriter's getaway to finish an album. We decided to do the "pop-in" and be annoying house guests. We succeded and Mike pulled out a bottle of Forty Creek and said: "Boys, this is what we're drinking whilse you're here". And so we did, and a lot of it. It was an eye opener and now we actually prefer Canadian whiskeys such as Forty Creek, Canadian Crown Reserva and actually also good old Canadian Club. Not exactly the connoisseur-brands, but the blended whiskey's can actually be delight when given the right amount of ice.

Bulleit Rye
This is an excellent rye. With small hints of tobacco and fruity, perhaps cherry-like notes, it really is great to have with a couple of rocks. Living in LA we've discovered this going to a show at the Satellite by Silverlake. We had been devouring loads of Bulleit Bourbon, but now this Bulleit with a green label taunted us from behind the bar. It was made an immediate favorite.