Austin, TX pop-punkers Bad Sports released their second album this week. It's called Kings of the Weekend and you'll have to search far and wide to find a punchier, more fun version of the old guitar-bass-drums-vox pounding out supercharged, hook-filled rock & roll scam. It's a little bit teenage (in the classic R&R sense), it's a little bit snotty, it's a little bit sweet, but above all, it's a blast. Think Ramones if you must, but these guys aren't copycats. The Poplist will be putting them on our Best of Summer 2011 mixtape for reals! We asked the band to send along a few things that have been knocking their socks off lately.....

Art of Wrestling Podcast
We’re all pretty big wrestling fans. This podcast is run by current professional wrestler, Colt Cabana. It features interviews with stars from around the crazy world of professional wrestling, songs about wrestling, and a lot of very funny stories and jokes about the life of a wrestler. Be sure to check out the episodes with Daniel’s favorite current wrestler, CM Punk, and former TNA star, Jay Lethal, over at

Super Taco at Las Casuelas in Austin
12 inches long. A behemoth of a taco. It’s like taking a record made out of a tortilla, and filling it with fajita steak, onions, peppers, and bacon. All for about 7 bucks. Don’t eat this if you have anything to do all day. You will be too preoccupied with a gut full of taco.

Regular Show
This cartoon on Cartoon Network is basically all of our lives. That is, if our lives consisted of being a raccoon and a blue jay and working in a park with a gumball machine for a boss. That might sound confusing, but this is one of the only shows on TV right now worth watching. Not part of Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim brand, this show is geared toward kids, but adults love it, too. Cool animation, lots of quotable lines, and a ghost that only gives high fives. This show deserves an Emmy for the character of Pops alone.

Arnold Palmers
½ Sweet tea, ½ lemonade; an Arnold Palmer is the most refreshing drink during a hot summer day. You can buy it in a can, or you can make it yourself, it doesn’t matter. We’re not picky. This is the official Bad Sports drink of Summer 2011.

I like riffs. Guitars are great for riffing, like rocking riffs, heavy riffs, dark, evil, sad and even poppy or happy riffs and sometimes just plain weird or noisy. I like jamming because you get to riff. Talking a lot with friends or people who like to talk a lot in general is a way of riffing because you get to try out jokes. Riffs are the basis of modern music. You can riff on any instrument, piano, French horn, guitars, banjo… even drummers ‘riff’ they just like to call their riffs ‘beats’. The classical composers may not have known it but while they were writing all of those intense complicated melodies, they were implementing riffs and laying the groundwork for modern riffage. The riff can be whatever you want. It can even be one note. Riffs can be stolen without giving credit to the originator. Without riffs you can’t have tunes. Riffs may also be referred to as licks, jives, jokes, jingles, parts, measures, lines, tunes, Riff Randall and songs.