blog image 1For this edition of the Poplist we decided to find out the dirty little secrets in the record collection of Acid House Kings member Johan Angergård. The band's new album (Music Sounds Better With You) comes out today and it's another wonderfully sweet and light indie pop confection, filled with incredibly hooky pop songs perfect for humming to yourself on a spring afternoon. In fact pretty much everything he's been involved with (Club 8, The Legends, his label Labrador) fits that bill, so you might assume that Angergård exists on a steady diet of the Association, Motown, the Field Mice and St. Etienne. We wondered if there were any bands or artists he loved that might come as a bit of a surprise to fans of Acid House Kings. This is what he came up with....

Man Parrish
I've recently noticed that I've had the same taste in music all my life. I've held down my love for certain bands in periods, but they always come back. I listened a lot to Man Parrish when I was about 9 years old and I re-discovered them last month. I love this kind of electro synth sounds and I imagine a lot of people would find the rap quite cheesy, but I love the flow there.

Tangerine Dream
I had a dream where I bought a synthesizer which, without efforts, made sounds and arpeggios like on their album "Rubycon". Big, warm 3D sounds where you can lose yourself. Listening to this album is more than any other album a travel through sound, like a film of music.

The Exploited
By far my favourite punk band. They're quite hard, which I really like about them -- there's nothing worse than punk that isn't punk -- but there's some fine melodies there too. I traded my vinyl copy of "Troops of Tomorrow", their best album, for a Human League album when I turned from punk and got into synth-pop as a child. Bad idea. I'm still trying to get hold of a copy on vinyl because the CD sounds like someone has copied a tape 5 times and then added some treble.

Very soothing ambient. I use this to fall asleep when I'm flying.

Barry White
Lyrics like "Uh...oh, baby oh, baby (Keep on) Come on, baby (Keep on doin’ it, right on) Mmm, mmm, mmm (Right on doin’ it) You got it together (Baby, keep on)" usually aren't my thing, but I can't help loving Barry White.

Here's the latest video from Music Sounds Better With You: