There are some weeks that just serve to wear you out and this is one of them. With all the death and destruction everywhere you look, there are relatively few bright spots to be found. Now we're not suggesting that the HDJz are an antidote to the hard times, we just want to be an option. If you need a new band to cheer you up for a minute or a song to take your mind off the troubles of the day, you can turn to us and we'll do our best to deliver something interesting. We have a very strong batch of groups this week and without further ado, here they are...

Lawrence Arabia
We get about 500 PR emails a day here hyping everything from Mudvayne to swap meets, so it's always cause for rejoicing when one comes along that actually has something awesome to promote. Hearing the sweet, ultra-pop sounds of Lawrence Arabia basically made Tuesday bearable. The NZ native knows how to craft really catchy songs and if "Apple Pie Bed" doesn't put a huge smile on your face, you hate pop music! Just don't watch the video at work, unless you work at American Apparel....

At Swim Two Birds
Sadder than sad break up jams from a guy who used to be in the under-rated band the Montgolfier Brothers. Track down their record from last year called Before You Left for your daily quota of heartsick crooning and tearcore.

The Steal
Straight out of the UK comes some old school, high energy hardcore punk rock.

Beautifully delicate and sparse music perfect for a winter’s day.

Ex Banza
Funk, soul, rock and weirdness. Ex Banza brings it all.

The Continuous Battle of Order
Get out your graphing calculator. Time to solve for The Continuous Battle of Order.

Tropical Pills
This Chicago band, which features members from Wrugs, proves that the wave of surf rock-inflected lo-fi bands is far from crashing.

Much like Zomby, L-Vis 1990 updates old-school house and rave sounds with a touch of bleeding-edge grime.

They're actually from Austin TX, but Harlem adds a smidgen of doo-wop to their ramshackle indie-rock that could explain their name. Maybe.

JEFF The Brotherhood
Their song "U Got The Look" isn't a Prince cover, but the brothers Orrall rock it hard nonetheless.