mohawked mobySure, we look strange with our purple Mohawks and safety pin earrings, but you shouldn't judge the Hot Damn Jammz committee. Even though our HDJz ringleader may seem intimidating, he isn't a violent guy. No one was hurt yesterday (the last time we saw him) when –- after listening to Les Bellas -- he jumped up on his desk and started flailing away: clapping, quacking, and foaming at the mouth. That's just how Tim expresses himself -- his way of saying, "I'm not conforming to your rules, you bloody fascists!" Well, we're paraphrasing. Honestly, it just sounded like a birdcall or something.

Finally, Moby’s getting back to his punk roots.

Summer Camp
This U.K. male/female duo plays a murky, hooky kind of pop that would get them kicked out of a summer camp singalong for being too weird. We like it though...

Les Bellas
It's hard to make garage rock sound fresh after 40 years but this group from France do their best. Must be the savoir faire! Or maybe it's the ooh la la.

Incredible Yacht Control
Ahoy! Is the undertow gonna take us? Is that sand in my earhole? Let these lo-fi pop melodies guide you through the waves.

The Good Natured
Pop music courtesy of three Newbury teens that comes across a bit like Lady Gaga doing Siouxsie covers.

New Sub Pop signees dishing out some llight and llively songs.

These guys 'n' gals should totally tour with Baseball and Hockey, based on the name alone.

Spy Island
Who's that? Yikes! They're after us! There's nowhere to run! We're stranded on a land of hot indie guitar licks, nice vocal melodies, and catchy hooks.

Bombay Bicycle Club
Peppy, angular, guitar-based Brit rock. Nothing wrong with that.

Please, nobody tell Nike or the Coca-Cola people about this group. Also, don't tell Britney, MJ, or Bieber either. Tell everyone who likes ridiculous trippy-hop plundering because these guys do it up right.