We're looking to do this HDJ thing every couple of weeks now. I know we took a long time off, not because there weren't any good jams out there. No, there were, are, and always will be, tons of great jams all over the world just waiting for people to discover them. It's more that the HDJ crew spent too much time too close to the fire and got burned out spectacularly. It was in all the papers... Don't cry for us though. We're back. We're dedicated. We've got the damndest jams around. Just! For! You!

ChuCha Santamaria y Usted
Post-apocalyptic disco pop with a Latin twist is the perfect sound track for end times. The SF duo's self-titled debut album will hopefully be coming out in June.

The Whines
This wonderfully sludge-y trio from Portland & Michigan try to bury the sweetness of the melodies but singer Karianne keeps popping up like a flower in the cracked pavement.

Blanck Mass
The solo project of Fuck Buttons' Benjamin John Power, Blanck Mass dives into the ecstatic electronic drones that his other band buries in noise and beats.

Niki and the Dove
Dark and danceable, this Swedish act owes as much to fellow countrymen and women the Knife, Fever Ray and Lykke Li as it does to Kate Bush's soaring mysticism.

This trio's expansive, tropical-tinged sound will warm the cockles of Animal Collective, Grizzly Bear and Braids fans' hearts.

Mickey is a scuzzy rock & roll band from Chicago. They are signed to Hozac. That's all you need to know.