Today is the first truly hot day of the year here in Jamztown, the air smells a bit like sweat and it hangs around your head like a fuzzy halo. Perfect time to go digging for some early summer jams and blams. Now as far as we're concerned there are two kind of summer jams: we're hot, we don't care so let's party jams and it's so hot I want to curl up and die jams. We've got a few of both this week....

First Base -
These bubblegummy good time kids from Toronto have singlehandedly got the summer rolling here at HDJ HQ. Check out their tunes on Bandcamp - pay close attention to "Don't Let Me Down This Summer"!

Take dudes from Oxford Collapse, Bright Lights and the late, much lamented Cause Co-Motion, mash them together with a dash of gutter psych, and you'll get some serious special sauce. I wouldn't count on the name lasting for long, but whatever the name these guys have got something good started.

Kids on a Crime Spree
Mario from Ciao Bella and From Bubblegum to Sky can always be counted on to deliver the sugary pop goodness and his new band Kids on a Crime Spree does not disappoint. Their debut EP is coming out soon on Slumberland and from the first track, it sounds like it's going to be a stripped-down, dirty Brill Building type of thrill. Check out "Sweet Tooth" here!

The Deeep
You can guess from the name that there is some serious murk going on here. The Toronto group have a toe in many different styles but most importantly, listening to them feels like being drowned in honey. Hear "Mudd" on Altered Zones.

Radio Futura
These guys have the look, they have the sound, they are going to be huge!! Mark my words...