Just wanted to let you know we did our best this week to bring you the jammage even though we're a member short this week. You see, Jason's off celebrating his sweet 16th birthday. The rest of us weren't invited but I think he's having it somewhere in South Beach and since they were so good at our own 16th B-Day bash, he hired Granada Doaba to play. Also, he somehow roped in Monie Love, DJ Skribble, Bryan from Color Me Badd, and Eric from MTV's The Grind to be there to help him celebrate. Have a swell party, J-Dog!

Soft Powers
This wonderfully weird pop from Georgia sounds seriously warped by too much kudzu, bug spray and humidity. It's just a little bit off in the most delightful way.

Hotel Mexico
Were you wondering what a band that crossed the Fucking Champs with Animal Collective would sound like? Probably a lot like these awesome dudes from Japan.

London indie-rock that will warm the cockles of your heart! “Susan” is the pick to click.

Spaced-out synth-pop that sounds like Missing Person on Valium, only better.

This duo is opening for Chromeo on their current tour, which comes as no surprise based on the sleek and sassy pop of “Rockin’ That Thang” and “Pop Champagne.”

Still Corners
These Londoners make the kind of atmospheric, dream-like music that is just right for hazy, end of summer nights. At times they sound like the Cocteau Twins as a garage band; other times they sound like the Paris Sisters fronting the Beach Boys. They sound great all the time!

Sweet Track
If the term "chillwave" didn't make us want to barf, we might use it for these guys from Mass. Then again, there's a little too much wave in their hissy, electro pop to be truly chill.

Peter Parker
Some of the people in Peter Parker used to be in the Scottish 90's band Lung Leg. If that means nothing to you, we understand since you may not be 100 years old as one of the Jammz staffers is! Still, if you do remember them you'll be glad to hear that their spunky, spiky pop lives on! Here's a little compare and contrast