New for 2010: an extra "m" in the Jammz. See, we told you it was going to be an awesome year! It'll be full of sensational rock & roll bands, fantasmic experimental pop of all varieties, wall-rattling hip hop, dancefloor packing disco and all kinds of brilliant songs, singers, bands and albums. Just wait and see! And just like last year we promise with all of our kitty cat-loving hearts that the Jammz will always be there for you. To hold you close and thrill you, to pet you and call you George, and most importantly, to fill your ears with magic. Happy New Year Jammmers!

Beach Fossils
So cred their soon-to-come debut album is being released by both Captured Tracks and Woodsist (!), this Brooklyn band backs it up by remembering to add huge hooks and melodies to their lo-fi bumble of sound.

Jacuzzi Boys
Good ole psychedelic guitar rock from Florida done with one foot in the garage, one in an echo chamber and one on your neck.

Beep Beep
Angular, light pop from Omaha, NE from a group in desperate need of a new PR photo.

La Foret
Coldcore indie rock out of Minnesota so delicate it sounds like it's encased in ice.

Dom Mino'
London's cheekily named Dom Mino' crafts glitchy pocket symphonies that are as delicate and fleeting as music box lullabies.

Like totally x to the maxed-out indie electronic tuneage. With Autotune. You were warned/notified!

These guys class the Jammz up a bit with their experimental and lounge-y chamber pop. Thanks!

Flesh Lights
You have to be careful when Googling these guys at work, but do it because their short, snappy pop punk songs are worth the effort. Or just follow the link we so graciously supplied and also look for them on Casual Victim Pile, Matador's upcoming collection of Austin, TX bands.

The Irrepressibles
This 10-piece group gets 2010 to a fabulously flamboyant start, fusing exotica, glam rock and Baroque elements into music that makes Antony and the Wild Beasts sound downright minimal.

Malory have been around since 1995, but they keep the shoegaze flame burning brighter and truer than most of the style's younger revivalists.