Actually they could replace all the late night TV hosts with test patterns and it wouldn't matter much to us. We have such single minded devotion to finding the Hot Damns that we spend all the hours we aren't in front of a front of a computer, spanning the globe to bring you the constant variety of jammz....the thrill of victory....the agony of Laffitte...the humid drama of musical composition...this is AMG's Wide World of Jammz!

The Berndt - Leave it to Sweden to perfect the indie-pop styles of other countries. The Berndt sounds like a scientifically engineered hybrid of Los Campesinos' glee and Architecture in Helsinki's far-reaching whimsy.

My Luminaries - This London quintet weds the Arcade Fire's drama to a searching sound all their own.

History Books - Pristine harmonies and rough-edged energy distinguish History Books from the folky indie-rock pack, especially on tracks like "Kink in My Neck."

Cosmetics - Sporting one of the best previously unclaimed band names in recent memory, Cosmetics' sinister electro ballads come across like the laments of broken pleasure models.

Cousins Tom Van Buskirk and George Langford use mangled thrift store cassettes for samples and just released a 12" on Thrill Jockey.

Since 2006, Bruce Isbell's put out over 50 releases in the freak-folk variety, but lately he's been pursuing his love of chilly electronic music under the moniker FUR.

First Rate People
"Girls Night" is what the kids are calling "a real hot damn jam!"

Kevin Cossom
Singer. Songwriter. Producer. Hitmaker. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Late night jams with guests like Snoop and Drake. Kind of like Kellz without the baggage or a sleepy Ryan Leslie. Get a bunch of free stuff on his site.

Coyote Clean Up
MIchigan bedroom trip hop/90's IDM revivalist with a nice melodic knack. The idea of a trip-hop revival sounded like about the worst thing ever but somehow CCU makes it work. Maybe it's that melodic knack. Free stuff if you look for it....

Be honest. Does the idea of a band whose main influences seem to be Hall & Oates, the disco Bee Gees and Survivor thrill you or horrify you? Consider us thrilled! Check the totally rad video for "Fake Gold" from the excellent 2009 album Ancient Lover.