blog image 1It's summertime here in the Midwestern United States but it's winter in Australia, right? How's everybody doing there -- are you enjoying the snow and cold? Making sure to dress warmly and hang around with various brands of bears (as the Voltaire Twins do (see left))? Does it even snow in Australia? You can fit all we know about geography and global weather patterns into a tiny little box, but we do know a bit about the world of music! This week we've got electronic pop from Perth, indie-pop form London, garage-rock from Milwaukee, a surprisingly good pop singer from Sweden and a bunch more jammz from all over the place!

Dominant Legs
This boy-girl duo gives their summery indie-pop a boho feel with hand drums and flutes. Perfect for dancing barefoot in the grass!

Summer Camp
Another mixed-gender indie-pop duo, but these London kids like crunchy electronic beats and sweet early '60s melodies. Perfect for doing the twist with a robot!

Little Gold
Warm 'n' fuzzy alt-country-pop with lyrics that are as sharp as they are heartfelt. Perfect for making eyes at a space cowboy or cowgirl!

Voltaire Twins
This synth-poptastic boy/girl duo is yet another amazingly good band from Australia. What the hell is going on down there?

Sticks N Stones
Get out of your room and into the garage! Milwaukee Sticks N Stones kick out hot, garage-punk licks that will get you rockin’ in no time.

Sometimes groovy and danceable, sometimes lo-fi and easy listening, Leatherette mixes up the electronics that will keep you noddin’ your head without you even knowing it.

Unicycle Loves You
Dunno about the band name, but the sound (ultra-twee, ultra-catchy pop that screams summertime) is dead right.

Nice Purse
Again, not the greatest name, but the sound is good. Rambling, shambling folk pop from Minnesota full of energy and really good tunes.

My Sick Uncle
Lil Wayne may be in jail, but that’s no reason to live in a Weezy-free world thanks to My Sick Uncle’s genre-mashing mixtape (500) Days Of Weezy.

Tove Styrke
She finished a lowly 6th 3rd on the 2009 season of Swedish Idol but her debut single, "Million Pieces," is a stunningly good dance-pop song. Apart from Kelly Clarkson's "Since U Been Gone", it could be the best song to come out of any Idol anywhere.

also, Bangs!