blog image 1Another week, another batch of jammz that can only be looked at indirectly or your retinas will explode. They're so hott that if you picked them up you'd burn your fingers, your mom's fingers and your flatmate's fingers. The only thing hotter than these jamms is Kylie's new record. It's playing right now in the HDJ cubicle and we've melted at least three pairs of headphones so far.  So while you're waiting to get all hotted up with Kyles next Tuesday, check out these jammz.  Or give us a ring and we'll sing some Kylie down the line for you...

Super awesome 5T's style rock & roll from the former member of Gravy Train!!!! and his group of teenage gang debs. He's been releasing singles since 2008; you can find them all on the collection Gay Singles, which True Panther Sounds put out earlier this year.

Teen Daze
Hazy, dreamy, summer disco is how you play out Vancougar’s Teen Daze.

The Miracles Club
Honey Owens has been in a bunch of noisy, drone-y, trance-inducing bands (Valet, Nudge, Jackie-O Motherfucker), but this new project she's involved in looks to the dancefloor. The lo-fi, shimmering disco she and her bandmates create pretty much shows Nite Jewel how to do things right.

Craft Spells
Like an ‘80s Sunday heartache, Craft Spells conjure up melancholy, new wave pop.

Silent Diane
Austin's Silent Diane get points for their Twin Peaks-alluding name, but their surprisingly intimate synth-pop is the real score.

This might be one of the oldest acts to be deemed a Hot Damn Jamm -- they've been around since 1996. Nevertheless, their hard-edged disco/techno/house hybrids make us exclaim "hot damn!"

Broken Deer
Are CocoRosie and Joanna Newsom just too straightforward for you? Check out Broken Deer's spooky prairie laments, which sound even more surreal with collage videos like the one for "White Woman."