blog image 1If you haven't been deafened by the constant blaring of the vuvuzelas or the incessant whine of the people complaining about them, why don't you check out some jammz? In fact, why don't you just forget about the World Cup entirely since the outcome is a forgone conclusion. Sweden all the way, right?
Shit Browne
Sidestep that pungent name and tune into raucous, mischievous dance-punk like "Electronics" and the Happy Mondays-esque "Don't Ask."

This duo made up of two sisters from the UK may be rather lo-fi sounding, but the drama runs high in their goth-y, gaze-y songs.

Sleep ∞ Over
These alpha femmes make eerily beautiful music that gives their name a whole new sinister meaning. Check "Your World is Night" and "The Key."

Coma Cinema
Songs like "Tall Grass" are strangely affecting, and the band is giving away their album for free!

Psychedelic freakouts utilizing synths, sludgy guitars and driving beats from the depths of the Midwest.

Wet Illustrated
Loose, hot garage-pop lo-fi jams that will make you shake, shake, shake it.

The Wendy Darlings
The French entry in the 2010 World Cup of girl-fronted jangle/noise pop was unheralded at the beginning of play, but has proven itself it be a real contender in the later rounds. Check their track "Enormous Pop" for confirmation of their happy, happy Velocity Girl-ness.

Calling these guys (and gal) a Zew Zealand supergroup might be a stretch since Liam Finn, Connnan Mockasin, Lawrence Arabia, Eliza-Jane Barnes and Seamus Ebbs aren't all that well-known except perhaps in their home country. Their forthcoming self-titled album is a super good time though, full of loose and rowdy pop sing-alongs that'll make you want to seek out the participants other albums.

Here's a scary change of pace -- some Black Metal Shoegaze.

Childish Gambino
If Drake can transition from TV actor to rapper, why can’t Community star Donald Glover?