blog image 1Today we are doing the Graverobber (courtesy of those happy looking guys to the left, the Humms) and feeling pretty good about music. Sure the industry is collapsing (thanks Thom Yorke for that stunning revelation) but we're ready to do the Philly Freeze on its grave. Why? Because though the industry may vanish, there will still be awesome bands out there; playing dingy clubs, self-releasing their albums, and thrilling people with their art. Music will never die and that's enough to make you want to do the Boston Breakdown, the Shy Tuna and the Bookmobile all at once.

The Humms
Good time rock & pop from Georgia with a British accent, great tunes and a footstomping backbeat.

Tigercats' loose and literate indie pop brings back memories of Hefner, who were a really, really great band. These East Londoners could easily follow in their footsteps.

Slow Motion Shoes
Every so often a band comes along with a mission so ridiculous you have to salute them. Case in point these guys from Manchester who have seemingly devoted their existence to making goofy, 80s style dance jams revolving around their love of actor Brendan Fraser. Apparently, they haven't seen Furry Vengance yet. And no, that's not his debut in porn....get your minds out the gutter!

Perfume Genius
Mike Genius' fragile, uncompromising piano ballads lie somewhere between Xiu Xiu's confessions, Antony & the Johnson's torch songs and How to Dress Well's lo-fi dreams.

Young Adults
It's no surprise that Young Adults are playing a show with Wavves and Cloud Nothings -- their abrasive but infectious noise-pop-punk recalls those bands as well as Male Bonding.

The Bitters
Everyone else on earth has an awesome lo-fi pop band these days. Why should Ben Cook of Fucked Up be any different?

Procedure Club
Computerized shoegaze from New Haven. Look for an album later this year on Slumberland.

Sean Bones
Skippy little numbers with tinges of reggae by the star of upcoming indie flick Wah Do Dem.